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Favorite Counter Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

Do you take advantage of the Disney Dining Plan?  We have many times on our trips to Walt Disney World, and now we have some FAVORITE counter service locations that we always look forward to.   Eating at Counter Service Restaurants on your Disney vacation, one might think that means burgers, pizza, and chicken tenders at EVERY meal.

Especially when you have kids. It seems as if the kids’ choices are somewhat limited. However, the portions are so huge for adults, we don’t mind sharing some veggies, salad, or pasta with our kids. We follow the rules-we get three kids meals and two adult entrees most times we eat. But, for a family of five, that’s quite a spread! So, to make sure we have variety in our meals, we simply put it all on the table and start sharing.

Best Counter Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom #disneyworld #disneydiningplan

Here are some of my recommendations for dining, with variety, at Magic Kingdom:

1. Pinnochhio Village Haus @ Fantasyland. Easily my FAVORITE counter service restaurant at Magic Kingdom. Here, the pizza is SUPER good, as is the Chicken Parmesan. This restaurant also has pasta, pizza, and sandwiches on their children’s menu. It’s located next to It’s a Small World. If you choose a table on the second floor, you can watch It’s a Small World load and unload guests. Give them a friendly wave!

2. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe @ Tomorrowland. This counter service restaurant lacks NO variety! It’s set up in bays-three of them to be exact. Here, you can get half a rotisserie chicken, barbeque pork sandwiches, burgers, chicken, turkey sandwiches, and even chicken noodle soup! It also has a large eating area, and sometimes Cosmic Ray will perform while you’re eating.

3. Columbia Harbor House @ Liberty Square. Looking for some fresh seafood? You will find tuna sandwiches, lobster rolls, fish and chips, and grilled salmon here. Maybe a hummus sandwich or some clam chowder sound good for lunch or dinner. They also have some good salads on their menu. This is an excellent counter service restaurant for dinner, in my opinion.

4. Diamond Horseshoe @ Frontierland. Keep in mind, this restaurant is only open at peak travel times. You’ll find a portobello mushroom sandwich, along with handcarved turkey or ham sandwiches. Even kids can choose from a handcarved turkey or ham sandwich at the Diamond Horseshoe.

5. Tortuga Tavern @ Adventureland. This counter service location also is open seasonally. If you want a little Mexican food while at the Magic Kingdom, then look no further. Burritos, taco salads, and quesadillas for the kids are some choices here. You can even have a vegetarian black bean burrito for lunch or dinner.

Where do you like to eat at Magic Kingdom? How do you make the most of the menu choices when on the Quick Service Dining plan?



  1. We love Peco’s Bills. They have been great with our food allergies!

    1. I have not been there in forever. But you are right ~ it is so good!

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