Favorite Walt Disney World Photo Spots

Taking photos is a MUST on any Disney vacation…..at least on mine!  It’s not unheard of for me to come home with literally hundreds of photos from our Disney Vacations.  The details that go into every aspect of the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney area offer so much to look at-and perfect back drops for awesome family photos.   I want to take some time today to share my Favorite Walt Disney World Photo Spots with YOU!

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Disney’s Deluxe Resorts-The Deluxe Resorts are within close proximity to the parks, making them easy to visit and explore.   And, chances are, if you are doing any Character Dining, you’ll end up at one of these anyway!  Disney’s Grand Floridian and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge are my two favorites for photos.  The Beach & Yacht Club Resorts, as well as the Boardwalk Inn are situated along the Boardwalk area, and the beach there makes it perfect for photos.  The Grand Floridian is such a classic Victorian resort, and if you pose right, you can get Cinderella’s Castle in the background.

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Disney Attractions-My favorite photos of my family are the selfies I take on Dumbo with my kiddos.  These are casual photos, but they certainly capture the magic and smiles of being in the moment.  Also, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Toy Story Midway Mania offer super fun props while waiting in line-like the talking Mr. Potato Head-and are a “must” for photo ops.


Downtown Disney-Colorful, full of fun, and many things to explore, the Downtown Disney shops give you unique photos as well.   Pose in front of the many Christmas trees at the Downtown Disney Christmas Shop-perfect for your Christmas Cards!  The Design a Tee, the LEGO Store, and Rainforest Cafe are the three that come to mind. Once Upon a Toy and the World of Disney also offer a fun atmosphere and props to use for photos.  Many of my favorite photos are taken at Downtown Disney.


World Showcase at EPCOT-Another place of unique decor, World Showcase has some amazing sites!  I love taking photos in the Mexico Pavilion in front of the fountain.  The English and German gardens are also well manicured and beautiful!  And don’t forget the thatched roofs and Viking hats in Norway!  Exploring World Showcase’s gift shops also offer one of a kind opportunities for pictures.


The Sword and the Stone at Magic Kingdom-It never fails.  Any trip to the Magic Kingdom is not complete for us without the boys stopping to try and pull out the sword from the stone.  It’s located right in front of Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel, and the boys like to pose with one serious face, and one smiling face.  Now the little one is getting in on it, too!


Inside Cinderella’s Castle-Did you know that inside Cinderella’s Castle, there are mosaics with different scenes from the Cinderella story?  As iconic as the outside is for photos, the mosaics and scenes on the inside make awesome photos-especially if your little one is wearing a princess dress!




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