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Five Tips for a Magical Sailing on the Disney Dream

The Disney Dream is one of the most popular Disney Cruise Line ships…well, to be fair, with only 4 ships in the fleet currently, they are all pretty popular!  But, the Disney Dream sails a very exclusive itinerary to Nassau and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.  This is the only ship that sails the 3 and 4-night itineraries, and sometimes even 5-nights depending on the time of year. The Disney Dream has a special meaning to our family ~ she is the first ship we ever sailed with Disney Cruise Line, and since then we have sailed this ship again, as well as the Disney Fantasy.  

The Disney Dream gives your family an amazing Disney experience, and is perfect for fist time cruisers who want to give cruising a try, without committing to a 7-night sailing.  I have shared my Magical Voyage on the Disney Dream Part 1 and Part 2 with you before. But today, I want to share some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your sailing on this ship.  So let’s dive into some basic about the Disney Dream, in hopes that these help your sailing on this ship will be amazing!

Where does the Disney Dream depart from?  The Disney Dream departs from Port Canaveral, Florida.  She sails to the Bahamas on 3 or 4 night voyages, with a stop in Nassau and Castaway Cay.  There are some times of year when she stops in Castaway Cay twice, and sails a 5-night itinerary. This is a popular ship for families who have visited the Walt Disney World Resort before their sailing, as Port Canaveral is only about an hour from Orlando.

What types of staterooms are on the Disney Dream?  The Disney Dream has four categories of rooms.  Categories are based on the location on the ship.  Then in those four categories are 10 stateroom types.  The rooms types range from Concierge, Concierge One Bedroom Suites, Family Oceanview Staterooms with Verandahs, Oceanview Staterooms, and Inside Staterooms.  Depending on your family size, and even your own preference, there is a stateroom style for everyone! One of our favorite things to do when we board is to decorate our stateroom door!  Be sure to pack some fun magnets to dress up your home aboard the Disney Dream.

What are my live show and entertainment options on the Disney Dream?  Every evening on the Disney Dream there is a live show your family can enjoy. Currently, the live shows are The Golden Mickeys, Beauty and the Beast, and Disney’s Believe.  These are Broadway caliber shows, shown only on Disney Cruise Line.  You can also enjoy first run movies, and character meet and greets on the Disney Dream.  Some evenings, depending on the length of the sailing, you may also see a ventriloquist, magician, or other form of entertainment.  

How do I know which stateroom I want to book?  The awesome thing about booking a Disney Cruise, or any cruise line, is that you get to choose exactly which room you want to stay in. There are so many options, and many reviews out there, of individual staterooms!  If you are a family of 3 or 4, you really have the pick of the ship from an Inside Stateroom up to Concierge.  If you are a family of 5, on the Disney Dream, you will need to book two Inside Staterooms, or there are a few Oceanview rooms that will accommodate you.  Otherwise, you will need to move to the Verandah category.  A good option is to choose a room that is on a mid level deck toward the middle of the ship.  It puts you in a good location to dining and activities, and minimizes the movement you will feel from the ship.

What makes the Disney Dream unique from the other ships? The Disney Dream has the AquaDuck, which is unique to both the Dream and the Fantasy.  This amazing water coaster takes your family on a fantastic ride high above the ship on Deck 12.  Another aspect is the Disney Dream is the largest of the Disney Cruise Line fleet, measuring at 1,115 feet long and is the third ship in the Disney Cruise Line family of ships.

What do you love about the Disney Dream? Or better yet, what questions do you have about sailing the Disney Cruise Line ships?  



  1. The Disney Dream is one of my favorite ships. I always look forward to the rotational dining, Palo and Remy, all the shows and just being on the ship! There is so much to do to make it an ideal ship to choose for a family vacation.

    1. I agree. I love the rotational dining! We have not even come close to doing everything on the ship!

  2. Awesome details about the Dream cruise ? i will definitely check out this cruise line in the near future… thanks for the post !

  3. Awesome awesome details and information of the Disney Dream cruise, i will definitely check it out in the near future.. thank uou sharing this information

  4. We did a 3 night on the Dream. Wasn’t long enough, but definitely helped us to commit to a longer sailing in the future. We’re moving up to a 5 night with Marvel day! Can’t wait!

    1. So true! I feel like a 3-night is almost a waste :). A 4-night is perfect! You will LOVE Marvel day! We did SW day, and it was awesome!

  5. The Dream is an AMAZING ship! We can’t wait to go on another cruise. I have a hard time deciding on another ship thought because we loved the Dream so much!

    1. It is! I wanted to sail the Wonder and the Magic before the next two are built…but I am not sure that will happen.

    1. It is a waterslide. It goes around the entire top deck of the ship. It is enclosed, and you ride on a raft type of thing. It is sort of rollercoaster/waterslide combined.

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