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FROZEN Ever After Sparkling Dessert Party at EPCOT

Dessert parties at Walt Disney World are something we really love.  While they are an extra paid event, I have seen the value in them over and over again.  We have experienced the Happily Ever After Dessert Party with Plaza Garden View several times.  I have also enjoyed the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party, and most recently the FROZEN Dessert Party.

I was unsure as to if I wanted to book this or not ~ I’ve not met a dessert party I didn’t like1  All of the dessert parties offer food, drinks, and reserved seating for the fireworks show. However, knowing that Illuminations was ending, and always wanting to try a “new to us” Disney experience, I booked the FROZEN Dessert Party taking the chance that we would indeed love it…and we did!

Having seen Illuminations {which is now EPCOT Forever} many times, and it not being a “must do” for us, I hadn’t even worked it into our park plans for our trip. You can see the show on the lagoon from virtually anywhere in World Showcase. So, getting a prime viewing spot with the dessert party is nice, but you can still get the full show by either staking out a spot around the lagoon about 30-minutes before it starts, or picking up a Fastpass later in the day for the Fastpass viewing area.

When we arrived at the check in area, they gave us a wristband and checked us in.   We checked in pretty early, and had some time to waste before we had to be back to be seated for the party.   So, we tapped in for our FROZEN Fastpass and met a few characters around World Showcase. Plus, we found a Memorymaker photographer, who told us his “magic shot” was to capture guests against the sunset.  How cute are we?!

Upon returning to the seating area, we were shown to our table.  The theming of this dessert party is, in my opinion, fantastic. The table settings, food, aqua and white color scheme….all fits so well together.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We were seated at at table with 3 other guests, as the tables are 5 or 6 tops.  So, that was sort of a surprise…I thought we were going to have a table to ourselves, but it turned out to be great!  Had I known that we would have been seated with others, we may have returned a bit sooner, so we could get our choice of chairs at the table.  I was seated with my back to the lagoon, and it had to reposition my chair to get a view of the show.

One thing that I think really adds value to this dessert party is the food and drink offerings. There are hot dips, flatbreads, a spicy snack mix, cheeses, fruits, sweets, and an open bar. Even though I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, it was still nice to have the open bar and fun FROZEN themed drinks. I felt like the food here was very good, and not all sweets. You could easily use this as a later dinner or a snack to get you through the evening, and not feel like you loaded up on sweets.

A second aspect that I appreciated was the table and chairs for the entire show. We have chosen to not book the Terrace View for the Happily Ever After, mainly because I think the view is better from the Plaza Garden. So, that means we have to sit on the ground. The same is true with the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party ~ your reserved seating area is on the ground in front of the Chinese Theater.  But, the FROZEN dessert party you are seated at a table and chairs for the show as well, and that was awesome.

Shortly before Illuminations began, the Cast Members came around to each table and passed out fun glasses for us to wear.  When you watch the fireworks through them, they look like snowflakes.  This was SUCH a fun touch, and my daughter loved it!

One value added aspect to this party is the ride on FROZEN Ever After when the show is over.  After Illuminations, guests meet at the entrance to the dessert party area, and are given an aqua wristband. Then, they lead you to the entrance to FROZEN Ever After and you get to ride as the park is closing.  This adds a lot of value to this party, and gives you a special ending to the evening.  After, you can leisurely walk out of EPCOT at night…one of my favorite parks at night!

While I would not consider the FROZEN Ever After Sparkling Dessert Party a MUST do, I think it was worth it.  I will book Happily Ever After Plaza Garden Viewing on every Disney trip, but this party I do not see as something I will do every time.  I think it makes a great “new to you” experience, and something extra special when you are celebrating a special occasion.   At the price tag of $79 per adult and $47 per child, this makes a pricey add on to your Disney trip for the whole family.  I think you’d have to be traveling with a lot of FROZEN fans, and guests who enjoy a splurge to make it worth it for the whole family.  Paying for just the two of us made the price much easier to swallow.

Is the FROZEN Ever After Sparkling Dessert Party something you would like to try?




  1. I think this would be a little (or big) girl’s dream party at Disney! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Agree! I love the special experiences that Walt Disney World offers for everyone.

  2. I have never done a dessert party. I would sort of expect to have seats so this is good to know!

    1. So the FROZEN party you have seats, and you don’t leave the table at all. For Star Wars, they take you outside to a viewing area, and you sit on the ground for the show.

  3. I never realized they had real food at dessert parties too!! Definitely want to try this!

  4. Being a momma of a tween boy, a Marvel dessert party would be more likely for us to attend. Haha. Actually, we did attend the Star Wars dessert party, and it was an experience!

    1. Same. My boys are 16, almost 17. And Marvel would be fun. I also shared a post about the Star Wars party I went to a few weeks ago. I think it’ll be awhile ~ if never ~ if we see anything Marvel like that at WDW.

  5. I would love to try all the Dessert Parties that are offered at Disney! I didn’t realize that there would be some hot food, that’s good to know! I also like that you guys were seated in chairs and not on the ground! Sounds like a wonderful experience!

    1. There is one at every park! I have done 3 out of four. So fun!

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