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FROZEN Party Table Decorations

Surprise!  Our daughter chose a FROZEN theme for her party this year.  I know, not surprising, right?  Doesn’t every single 5 year old girl in America choose FROZEN for her party theme this  year?  I’m guessing a lot of my fellow moms of princesses have been pinning and scouring the internet for FROZEN party ideas!  Ladies, you are not alone!

FROZEN Party Table Decorations #frozenparty #frozen #birthdayparty


I pinned, searched, thought, and finally put some ideas together for Natalie’s FROZEN birthday party!  I like to theme our children’s parties, but not heavily them them, you know?  I can easily go to Party City and buy the whole theme birthday kit, but I like to go with a color scheme and then supplement with party supplies that feature the character of choice.   This year silvers, whites, and blues were our scheme, and these super cute table decorations were born!


*Glass Vases

*Deco Art Paints {I used Americana Multisurface in Deep Turquoise, Glamour Dust in Turquoise Sparkles, and Dazzling Metallics in Peacock Pearl}

*Deco Art Glistening Snow Tex in Glittering Snow

*Paint Brush


*Dowel rods


*Hot Glue

*Blanket of snow or batting


1.  First, allow yourself a few days to create these.  The paints need to dry thoroughly between coats.

2. Coat your glass vase in the Deep Turquoise Color.  After it dries, use the Peacock Pearl.  Finally, give them a nice coat of Glamour Dust in Turquoise Sparkle.  I did multiple coats of each color before moving on to the next one.  I wanted to make sure the glass was nice and covered.


3.  After the paint dries, apply the Glistening Snow Tex.  This material is SUPER cool!  It looks like whipped cream, and you have to stir it well.  Start with a thin coat-you can always add more.  It adds just that little bit of a snow covered look to you project.

4.  Embellish the vase with snowflakes.  I was SO glad the store had put out Christmas ornaments already.  I bought a 6-pack of miniature snowflake ornaments and put two on each vase, layered on top of a larger snowflake.


5.  Cut dowel rods to 6 inches and wrap them in ribbon.  I happened to have some from Pick Your Plum in the perfect color!  Put a little bit of hot glue at the top of the rod to secure the ribbon and start wrapping.

6.   Around the top of the rod, put a little bit of hot glue.  Add strips of ribbon around the top.


7.  Hot glue a sparkly snowflake on each side of the rod.  Place them in the vase, and support them with a blanket of snow.


We used these on our counter, alongside of Natalie’s princess cupcake dress.  So cute!  We all know a project wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t use my Silhouette Cameo! I followed the directions at the Silhouette School for cutting cereal boxes with my Cameo.  So awesome!  I cut out the “5s” with my Cameo. Then, using the Silhouette Printable Foil, I cut another 5 to stick on top of it.  They turned out awesome!

You might want to check out my Minnie Mouse Party Centerpieces and Fairy Party Centerpieces for more fun party ideas!  What is your child’s party theme for this year?

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