Frozen Themed Photo Shoot and Five Tips for Photographing Kids

Have you seen those cute princess themed photo shoot ideas on Pinterest?  If you haven’t, you need to search it in the Pinterest search box, and you’ll be given umpteen results to look at.  With my little girl just turning 6, and being still princess and Frozen obsessed, I decided to tackle a Frozen themed photo shoot as part of her 6th birthday photos I took of her.  Photographing kids in a themed photo shoot was easier, and more fun than I expected!  I wanted to share some tips for photographing kids, as well as our Frozen Themed Photo Shoot poses today!


First, choose a theme they love.  For Natalie, that was a no-brainer.  She was all about putting on her Anna and Elsa dress and posing with Olaf.  It helps that she was so excited about it.  Since ours involved her chaining clothes multiple times, I had to really just go with the flow.   I let her choose a couple of poses, and then I told her how to pose for some.  Flexibility is the ultimate key.



Second, give yourself plenty of time.  I allowed us two hours to take the photos.  Since I was the one taking them,  I wanted to get as many as possible because I didn’t know when we’d have another sunny, warm day in the fall to go out and take them.  Also, we drove to two different areas of our local state park, and on the way from one to the other I made sure to bring her some snacks to munch on and some water to drink.  Eating keeps kids happy, right!


Third, be prepared.  The day before we went out, we hung her Anna and Elsa dresses to let the wrinkles hang out.  I made sure my camera battery was charged and my good lens was on it.  I packed our bag with her Olaf, as well as some glitter and my camera.  In the morning we added the princess dresses and some snacks.  I also read up on Pinterest some tips for settings on my camera and made some notes so I wasn’t fiddling with it the whole time and wasting precious photo shooting time.


Fourth, check the images as you are photographing.  It only takes a second or two to look back at the latest images you took.  This will keep you on the right track as far as camera settings, if you need to retake any poses, etc.  One setting I really like is the “Sports” setting on my camera.  This helped me capture the photos of her with the glitter.  Also, as her back was to me in her Elsa dress and when she was playing with Olaf I used this setting.  Mine takes 15 shots in a row, and captures every last detail.  Then I have the opportunity to pick and choose what I want, or have some photos in a series.


Fifth, let them be themselves.  In many of these, I let Natalie choose the pose, or just play while I photographed.  Sure, some are posed on purpose, but others I like to just let her be herself. So many of those end up being my favorite!

Will you be taking your children out on a themed photo shoot this winter?  Or maybe in the spring?  What ideas do you have for a theme?

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