Garden Grill Breakfast with Chip and Dale at EPCOT

The Garden Grill Breakfast at EPCOT has become one of our absolute favorites! While the menu has changed slightly since the parks reopened after the shutdown, it’s still so good and a “must do”. Today, I want to share a popular, fun Disney Dining experience that I am sure your family is going to love! Garden Grill Breakfast at EPCOT is a relaxing, fun filled way to add some Disney magic to your vacation!

We are no strangers to character dining at Walt Disney World.  In fact, as I sit here writing this, we have enjoyed every character dining experience that Walt Disney World has to offer, except for the new Storybook Dining at Artist Point and Topolino’s Terrace!

Where is Garden Grill Located?

Garden Grill is located in the Land Pavilion at EPCOT.  You will find this location tucked away on the upper level of the Land Pavilion, overlooking the Living with the Land attraction.  The atmosphere is so laid back.  It is definitely one of the more relaxed character dining locations.  The entire restaurant rotates very, very slowly as you are eating, so you are getting glimpses of the Living with the Land attraction below.  Another thing I love about Garden Grill, is the way the tables are set up.  They are more “private” in a way, most like booths or smaller tables to give you a more quiet atmosphere. They can certainly accommodate larger parties, but the seating allows you to really just focus on the people at your table, and not be distracted by the families around you.

The Garden Grill Breakfast Menu

At this location, they serve all three meals of the day.  I think the menu is very family friendly, and good for picky eaters.  The breakfast is typical breakfast fare, including an AMAZING, cinnamon pull apart bread, Chip’s Cinnamon Breakfast Loaf.  SO good!  Not to mention some fruits, Mickey waffles, and breakfast meats.  Lunch and dinner are turkey, potatoes, pot roast, macaroni and cheese, etc. I think that this makes it somewhat easier to get an ADR for, since you have the option for all three meals of the day.

Of the options, the Garden Grill breakfast remains our favorite menu and experience. One tip ~ book a pre park opening breakfast.  This puts you in a good position to be one of the first guests on Soarin’ for the day!  You may even be able to ride it twice!  It is one Table Service credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

The Characters at the Garden Grill Breakfast are Amazing

Garden Grill has some of your classic characters in their farming costumes.  I think this is a fantastic character dining experience if you have boys in your family.  There are not any female characters at this location.  However, the princess loves Mickey and his favorite farming friends, too!

The featured characters are Chip and Dale, and this makes it extra unique.  You cannot dine with these little guys anywhere else! They are super cute in their farming costumes, and adding in Pluto for some antics makes it a perfect meal for everyone in your family.  The restaurant is set up in such a way that it is easy for the characters to get around without a handler.  So keep that in mind ~ in case you need to politely ask a server or a family next door to take some photos for you! Moving without a handler also makes their time at your tables a bit longer, and they may even visit more than once!

This is a unique character dining experience.  We did not feel rushed, at all, to get through our meal.  The food is served family style, which makes it easy with kids. Also, it is in a quiet location in general.  While I love Chef Mickey’s and Cape May Cafe, I feel like they tend to be a bit loud and overwhelming because of their location.  Garden Grill is in a great, quiet location at EPCOT. When we ate at Garden Grill, we rode Soarin’ twice, back to back! It was amazing. 

Disney World has TONS to offer when it comes to character dining experiences, and food in general. I feel as if some character dining experiences are more enjoyable than others. Garden Grill is one of those! I think it is definitely under appreciated. It falls in the category of a “hidden gem” at Walt Disney World.  You can see some of the Living with the Land attraction that you miss when you are riding it.

I hope your family plans to enjoy a meal at Garden Grill at EPCOT!  You will be so glad you did!  

Carrie Hurst

Not only do I love sharing all my vacation tips and ideas here on A Princess and Her Pirates, but I also work alongside families to create magical vacation memories year after year! Email me at carrie@destinationsinflorida.com to begin the planning process, and join hundreds of families on my current guest list.


  1. I love a good breakfast recommendation! Especially for early park access!

    1. Yes! This one is great food, good characters, and an early ride on Soarin’!

  2. Chip’s Sticky Buns are Delicious!! And I love the view of Living with the Land; this really is a great choice for breakfast!

    1. Aren’t they? I am glad they bring those to the table first 🙂

  3. That cinnamon roll looks delicious!!! Weve had lunch there, but not breakfast, it’s a great idea for Epcot!

    1. I think Lunch and Dinner are great options, as well. They have family friendly foods, and you get the characters, too!

  4. This is on my Disney bucket list! I can’t wait to experience the Garden Grill. Thanks for the tips!

  5. This was an experience that we enjoyed. The rotating restaurant offering various scenery is neat. My favorite scene is looking into the upstairs of the house from Loving with the Land. Plus, Chip and Dale are among my too faves for character pictures.

    1. I know. I have only done breakfast, but it is very good. And the rotation makes it extra fun.

      1. It does! I love when you can see the characters twice, too!

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