Gingerbread Body Scrub

Lots of baking going on in your house?  Mine too!  I love the comforting scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger….mmmm!  So, why not make them into a body scrub and give it as a gift?  I’ve already mixed this up and given two jars to some friends.

Shhh….but I also make some for myself, too, and I LOVE it!  I can seriously say that my skin is glowing when I get out of the shower, and no need for lotion after using it.

Gingerbread Body Scrub:

*3/4 cup grapeseed oil
*1 cup brown sugar, packed
*1 cup white sugar OR sea salt
*2 teaspoons cinnamon
*2 teaspoons ginger
*2 teaspoons nutmeg

*Pour the grapeseed oil into a bowl.  Add the sugars and spices.  Mix it all together until you have a grainy sugar scrub.  Spoon it into a glass jar, with a sealed lid.

To Use:
*Use it in the shower 2-3 times a week.  Do NOT use it after shaving if you made it with sea salt.  It will kind of burn, like rubbing salt in a wound.
*Rinse it off well, and be careful because the shower can get a bit slippery.

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  1. Could you use coconut oil instead of grape seed oil or would canola/olive oil be better?

    1. I would use olive or canola. Coconut oil solidifies if it’s not at the right temperature 🙂

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  3. How long would this last if you were to bottle it and give as a gift?

    1. I’ve made it for myself and I used it for a few months. It lasted awhile.

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