Guide to Disney’s All Star Resorts

Disney’s All Star Resorts are the most affordable resorts on Walt Disney World property.  They are also some of the most “Disney” themed resorts, and you feel as if you are very immersed in the Walt Disney World experience at the All Stars!  Today, I am going to share some tips and information with you, in hopes that you will make one of the All Star Resorts your home for your next Disney vacation!

Disney’s All Star Resorts make a great option for families on a budget, single travelers, and anyone looking for a fun theme to their Walt Disney World resort.

Disney's All Star Resorts

Disney’s “All Star” Resorts 

Disney’s All Star Resorts are comprised of three resorts.  Disney’s All Star Music Resort, Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, and Disney’s All Star Movies Resorts.  These are a “family” of resorts, similar to Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts and Disney’s Yacht/Beach Club Resort.

This means they often share Disney motorcoaches, guests can use the amenities at all three resorts, and they are easily accessible to one another.  Guests of the All Stars can use the pools at each of the All Star Resorts.  They are connected via a “runDisney” pathway, so guests can walk from one to the other.  

Disney’s All Star Resorts are in the Value Category

These resorts are in the “value” category at Walt Disney World.  “Value” means these resorts only have a Quick Service Dining option, the pool does not have a water slide, and the bus drop off at the parks is furthest from the entrance.Travelers looking for a very budget friendly resort with only the essential amenities would enjoy these resorts.  They are often booked by groups or sports teams because of their theming, price, and proximity to the ESPN sports complex.  Fans of some of the classic Disney movies {Toy Story, Fantasia, Herbie the Love Bug, etc} may especially enjoy Disney’s All Star Movies Resort.  Of the three, I think this one is most geared toward families of little ones.  

Disney's All Star Resorts

Guests who are looking for a simple, bare bones, “we are just going to sleep at the hotel” experience would appreciate the All Star Resorts as well.  These resorts are set up “motel style”, so the rooms open to an outdoor breezeway, not an interior hallway. 

Dining Options and Amenities at Disney’s All Star Resorts

Since they are a value tier resort, the only option for dining at the All Stars is the food court area.  These resorts do not have Table Service options.  The All Star Resorts do offer a Pool Bar as well.  Disney’s All Star Resorts are very much geared toward families.  You will find playgrounds, as well as Movies Under the Stars for your family to enjoy while you are staying at these resorts. Keep in mind, the pools do NOT have water slides.  

While the All Star Resorts do not offer full service dining, the really great aspect of their dining option is the variety.  The food courts have multiple serving stations to give guests a huge variety of food.  Burgers, sandwiches, pastas, as well as a deli-style market offer lots of variety for everyone in your family.  

Disney’s All Star Resorts do have pools. However, they do NOT have water slides. However, they do offer a fun water play area, splash fountains, and kid friendly areas at the pools. Guests of the All Star Resorts can “pool hop”. So that means that you can use the pools at all three as a guest of one of them.

Guest Rooms at Disney’s All Star Resorts 

All of the All Star Resort rooms and suites have been refurbished. They have hardwood floors, a standard queen bed, and a pull down queen Murphy bed from the wall.  They have updated fixtures, underbed storage, coffee maker, and a small refrigerator.  The standard rooms at Movies, Sports, and Music sleep 4 guests, 5 if you have someone under the age of 3.  

If your family needs a larger set up, Disney’s All Star Music Resort also offers Family Suites.  These family suites can sleep up to 6 guests, or 7 if you have one in a crib.  These family suites give guests a master bedroom with a queen size bed.  Then the living area has a sleeper sofa, a sleeper chair, and an ottoman that converts to a bed as well.  Families also have a kitchenette with a microwave, sink, and small refrigerator, as well as two full bathrooms.  This makes a great option for larger parties!

Who Will Enjoy Disney’s All Star Resorts? 

First, very budget conscious guests would appreciate the All Stars.  Many guests appreciate a basic room set up and a hotel with basic amenities. Secondly, anyone who would like larger than life theming would enjoy these resorts. Think giant surfboards at All Star Sports, huge Buzz Lightyear at Movies, and every instrument imaginable at Music.  Guests who are sunrise to sunset park goers would also like the All Stars, since they will not be spending a lot of time at the resort. 

Disney’s All Star Resorts are a great option for guests who want the onsite perks of Walt Disney World, but the lowest cost room rates.  Keep in mind, that the transportation to and from the Disney Parks is via motorcoaches only.  Depending on the crowds and schedule, sometimes the All Stars share buses amongst them.  This can make wait times to and from the parks longer than necessary, and it may be something to consider if transportation is a priority for you.

Overall, Disney’s All Star Resorts have a lot to offer to Disney travelers.  I would highly recommend these for guests who have already visited Walt Disney World in the past, and have an idea of what they are looking for in a resort.  Have you enjoyed the All Star Resorts?  Which do you prefer?

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