Homemade Ribbon Ruffle Ornament

Homemade ornaments don’t just have to be yarn and popsicle sticks. Nor, do you need a lot of time to make one. With a few supplies from JoAnn’s, I was able to craft this pretty ornament in about half an hour on Sunday afternoon. I modeled it after the ribbon topiary I made for Natalie’s birthday cake table, and the Ribbon Ruffled Pumpkins I made for our fall decor.

Handmade Ribbon Ruffle Ornament #christmas #handmadeornament



Styrofoam ball
9 yards (or 3 spools) of ribbon
Stick pins


1. Cut a small length of ribbon-about 4-5 inches.
2. Loop it so the ends meet up with each other, and slightly overlap.

3. Push the pin through the ends, from the inside out. In other words, the head of your pin should be secure where the ends meet, on the inside of your loop. And, the “stick” part of the pin should be poking through the outside of your loop.

4. Pin the ribbon loop to the styrofoam ball. Continue this process until the ball is completely covered.

I used all the ribbon from the three spools I bought, including a small length I used to make a loop to hang it on the tree.


This does take a lot of ribbon, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The holiday ribbon was 50% off at JoAnn’s, and I know Michael’s always has ribbon in their clearance dollar bins up by the registers.

Do you make homemade ornaments? You don’t just need to use them for the tree-you can tie them on packages, or on gift bags to pretty them up!

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