How to Make DIY Luggage Tags

DIY Luggage Tags add a personal touch to your luggage when you travel! They are easy to create, and this makes it easy to find your luggage on the baggage carousels!  Let me share my tutorial with you today to create your own DIY Luggage Tags!

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DIY Luggage Tags

One of the best travel tips I ever read, and continue to this day, is making our luggage stand out on the baggage carousels.  We have been in so many airports, and I continually see travelers with very similar baggage ~ and nothing that sets it apart from others!  I always stand there, wondering how in the world they don’t pick up the wrong bag, or vice versa!  In all of our times to Disney and Universal, I always make sure we have a bright ribbon or something tied to the handles of our luggage.  This makes retrieving it so much faster, and easier!

For this month’s StyleTech Craft project, I decided to create DIY Luggage Tags.  They are SO easy! My daughter had a great time helping me choose the vinyl, design, and coordinating papers.  These are really easy, and a fairly simple project if you are a beginner with using a vinyl machine.

DIY Luggage Tags

Supplies for DIY Luggage Tags:

Cricut or Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutting Machine

Cutting Mat

StyleTech Craft Opal Vinyl

Weeding hook

Transfer Tape

Plastic Luggage Tags 

Patterned or Solid Cardstock

How to Make DIY Luggage Tags:

First, create your design in your design software.  Come up with your favorite travel sayings!  Some of mine include:

  • Adventure is Out There
  • All Who Wander are Not Lost
  • Joy in the Journey
  • Let’s Go
  • Travel is My Therapy
  • Life is a Journey

DIY Luggage Tags

I am sure you have your own, as well!  Since the luggage tags I have are a bit on the larger side, I chose some of the longer quotes for mine.  You could also create a fun design with just one or two words:

  • Travel Often
  • Magic
  • Joy
  • Adventure
  • Grace

Next, set up your vinyl to cut.  I used the StyleTech Craft Opal Vinyl for this project. I love how it shimmers, and the gloss finish is so nice.  Also, the “color change” when you look at it from a different angle makes it extra fun for kids!  My daughter loves it!  Send your vinyl to cut.  I used the Glossy Vinyl setting on my machine.

After your cut is finished, trim the excess vinyl away, and then weed it.  This means you are going to take off any of the vinyl that is not part of your design.  I find if I trim it off the larger sheet, it’s easier to weed, and there is much less waste.

DIY Luggage Tags

Now, it is time to adhere the design to your tags.  To do so, prepare your surface for the vinyl first.  You can do this by cleaning it off with some rubbing alcohol. This just gets all the extra debris and dust off of it.  Then, with your design facing upward, gently place transfer tape over the design, and peel the backing off.  Then, line it up on your tag, and gently press it onto the plastic.  I find that if I start in the middle and work my way out, there are less bubbles and it goes on nicer.  Finally, smooth it over, and then peel off the transfer tape.  I always peel my transfer tape back starting at a corner, and at an angle.  

From here, I chose a coordinating pattern of cardstock from what I had on hand.  I originally was going to do a solid blue and a black and white chevron.  But, the more I looked through my stash, I ended up with the green gingham and blue stripes.  Just choose what looks best to you!  

Trim the cardstock and slide it into the luggage tag.  Done! 

These not only are great for travel. But, these would make super cute back to school teacher gifts, backpack tags, or even a fun way to label bins or containers in a classroom or office!  


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