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JOY Christmas Vases

Our Christmas decor has taken on a slightly new color scheme this year-red and white.  In the past, it was red and gold on our huge, like 9 foot Christmas tree, in our living room.  So, it was easy to just add the red and a small touch of green and silver into our Christmas mantel.  And, if you follow on Facebook, you’ll remember that spray snow was my new {FAVORITE} crafting tool…and this is how I used it!

But, that’s for another post….check back tomorrow.  And, I am co-hosting the Christmas Mantel Link Party with sweet Miss Emily @ 52 Mantels {squeal!  i always love hanging out with bloggers i admire}.  That meant I needed to get our Christmas mantel in tip top shape!  Staring with these, JOY Christmas Vases that I’m sharing with you today.

JOY Christmas Vases


*3 glass vases, any size will do

*red vinyl

*Cricut or other cutting device

*Spray snow {the secret ingredient}

*green peppermints, or anything else green to fill the vases


1.  Cut out the vinyl letters and adhere them to the vases in the center.

2.  Spray the vases with spray snow, but don’t spray over the letters.  The farther you hold the can from the vases, the bigger the “snowflakes” you’ll end up with.  It’s a good idea to cover your work surface, but no worries. Once it dries, it can be vacuumed up or brushed away.

3.  After the snow has dried, you can add more or touch up some spots.  Using a paint brush, gently brush some away in random spots, to give it that “dusted” look.

4.  Fill the vases with something green-peppermints, green cellophane, small ornaments, etc.

5.  Display on the mantel!

This project really can’t be simpler, and I think that after Christmas, I can dust/wash the spray snow off and maybe use them for another project.  What is your {FAVORITE} part of your Christmas mantel?

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  1. These turned out beautifully! Great job.

    Thanks for sharing today at the Pinworthy Projects Party!

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