Jute and Ribbon Fall Wreath

Jute…..I love it!  It’s edging closer to the top of my {FAVORITE} Craft Supplies list.  I wanted to make a new fall wreath for the front door.  I absolutely love how it turned out, and it couldn’t have been easier!

*1 roll of jute {you can find this in the jewelry making section of craft stores, or where the rope is at home improvement stores}
*Foam wreath circle
*hot glue
*large T-pins
*ribbon, leaves, etc.

1.  Secure the end of the jute with a small knot on the foam.  Use a dab of hot glue to hold it down.  
2.  Next, start wrapping the jute around the wreath, working your way around until you cover it.  Depending how full or thick you want your wreath, you can always go around again.  
3.  Then, I took some transparent orange organdy ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath, over the jute, to give it a ribbon look.
4.  Decide where the top of your wreath is going to be and loop some ribbon through it, tutu style, securing with a T-pin and some hot glue.  Tie a knot at the top to hang it on the door hook.
5.  To get the look mine has, I cut small lengths of transparent, organdy ribbon.  I used yellow and gray ribbon.  I folded the lengths until the ends met and slightly overlapped.  Then, I secured them with two T-pins right onto the wreath.  

Have you made your fall wreath yet?  For another idea, you can check out my Fall Monogram Wreath from last year.  
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  1. Found you on the Gunny Sack! Love this wreath! Thanks for sharing!

  2. love love love this!
    such a great idea!
    awesome job:)


  3. i'm loving the jute! this turned out really cute! thanks for linking it up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  4. This wreath is so pretty Carrie! I love how the ribbon softens up the jute!

    Thanks for joining the party at Keep Calm and Link Up!

    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

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