Keeping Cool at Walt Disney World in the Summer

Walt Disney World is our destination for summer travel.  As soon as our kids are out of school, we are on the road!  Did you know Disney World is hot in the summer?!  You’re surprised, aren’t you?  Keeping cool at Walt Disney World is at the top of our “must do” list.  Today I am sharing some tips for Keeping Cool at Walt Disney World in the summer!

Staying Cool at Disney in Summer

We make the yearly trek to Florida in early June.  So while it is not as hot in early June as the later months of summer, it’s still pretty toasty!  That comes with the territory.  We have learned some techniques for planning your days at Disney to beat the heat…..but still enjoy all the magic!  Visit Kids on a Plane to see my top tips for keeping cool at Disney!   



  1. I’m from south Texas and we know heat! Triple digits every summer. Ugh! You CAN visit hot spots and survive – and even enjoy, right? You just need a plan and the right tips. I’m following the links to get the info we need to stay cool!

    1. Yes! I am sure you do know hot! Thanks for reading, Natalie!

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