Kid Friendly Gardening Ideas

Creating a cute, kid friendly garden is so much fun for the whole family. I have put together some easy, kid friendly gardening ideas for you! From fairy gardens to stepping stones, these ideas are sure to spruce up your outdoor space!

Kids are never too young to follow along with gardening and learn the basics of gardening.  Getting their little hands in the dirt is fun! And, watching something beautiful grow, knowing they had a hand in it is precious! Year after year, my daughter and I create a cute little Fairy Garden for her fairy friends in our front flower bed.  Sometimes, we create it in a planter.  Other summers, we add it to our existing flower beds. Either way, it is an activity we both look forward to every  year!

I have put together TWELVE Kid Friendly Gardening Ideas just for you! Ranging from painted rocks, to starting seeds, there is a gardening idea here that is perfect to bring in spring!

Kid Friendly Gardening Ideas for Spring


How will you be adding some creativity to your outdoor space this spring?  There are so many great ideas here! I would love to hear how you create gardening spaces for your little ones!

Kid Friendly Gardening Ideas



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