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Magic Kingdom at Night ~ Best Attractions to Visit after the Sun Goes Down

Magic Kingdom at night is one of my favorite Disney experiences.  Magic Kingdom comes alive at night, doesn’t it? Cinderella’s Castle is amazing and beautiful from dawn to dusk.  That special time as the sun is going down and when it is lit up for the night is gorgeous.  Seriously magical!  Magic Kingdom at night has some of my favorite attractions to enjoy after dark. So today, I am bringing you my Top Five Magic Kingdom Attractions to Enjoy at Night!  

Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions to Enjoy at Night

Magic Kingdom Attraction #1: Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  I mean, why not start out with the iconic attraction in Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom?!  Ever since they moved Dumbo the Flying Elephant to Storybook Circus and added a second set of flying elephants, this has become my favorite at night.  Not only is it gorgeous in and of itself, but you also get amazing views of Magic Kingdom at night!

Magic Kingdom Attraction #2:  Big Thunder Mountain.  This one gets extra bonus points if you are riding it during the fireworks show in the evening!  Plus, it is so pretty lit up at night.  It sort of reminds me of Radiator Springs when it is lit at night.  And if you can time it to ride it during Happily Ever After, even better!  The views of the fireworks are amazing from this attraction!

Magic Kingdom Attraction #3:  The Astro Orbiter.  What type of post would this be if I didn’t include the Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland as one of the Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions to Enjoy at Night?!  You get stellar views of the park while up on the Astro Orbiter.  But, it is also visually appealing in and of itself at night.  It lights up the center of Tomorrowland, and gives you quite the view at the same time!

Magic Kingdom Attraction #4:  The Mad Tea Party.  This is one of those where the atmosphere speaks volumes. The lanterns are lit, and the views of Fantasyland’s lights as you spin can’t be beat!  Plus, this attraction tends to be less crowded in the evening.  Also, the Mad Tea Party has an adorable Photopass shot just outside of it. The lights of the Mad Tea Party make for an absolutely magical background! 

Magic Kingdom Attraction #5:  Tomorrowland Transit Authority. I would be lying if I didn’t add this to my list!  Not only is night the time to relax and unwind after a fun dat at Magic Kingdom, but it is also best enjoyed from the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.  You have the opportunity to take in the beautiful lights of Tomorrowland.  With the right timing, you may even catch Happily Ever After on your ride! This attraction is perfect to relax and recoup after a long day of walking.

Which Magic Kingdom attraction do you love at night?  


  1. Great post, Carrie! All of those are favorites of mine too, especially at night! In 2010, pre-Dumbo move, we were at the Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours in the evening. My wife and I were in line for the Carousel, and my daughter and niece were going over to ride Dumbo. While we were in line, we saw Mickey & Minnie go up and ride with two children on Dumbo! It was a great moment, one of those that is seared in your mind, never to be forgotten!

    1. Oh that is so sweet! I love it when characters surprise guests like that!

  2. Great list! Big Thunder Mountain is definitely my favorite at night. At this doesn’t have anything to do with it being dark out, but we really love doing Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor late in the evening. It tends to have more adults in the audience rather than kids after 9 or 10pm, and the humor can be a lot funnier!

  3. I could ride the TTA all evening if they let me! It’s one of the most relaxing experiences at the Magic Kingdom.

    1. I would probably fall asleep! It is so relaxing :).

  4. I love Magic Kingdom late at night- especially from the PeopleMover!!

    1. The Peoplemover is great any time of day. Amazing views!

  5. My favourite is Big Thunder Mountain at night! It’s a lot of fun to ride during the fireworks!

    1. Oh yes!!! We did that once, and most recently the Mine Train during fireworks. So fun!

  6. Michele C. says:

    I really love Main Street at night and looking at the castle in all her glory!

  7. Big Thunder is my favorite Magic Kingdom night ride. So pretty and you may even see fireworks.

    1. I have ridden that during fireworks. Agree! It is awesome!

  8. I LOVE this post! PeopleMover is my FAVORITE attraction at night, but my son agrees with the Tea Cups. He spins us around a bit too fast but he likes watching the lights zoom by (barf)! Isn’t it amazing how a dark sky can completely change the feel of a ride??

    1. Agree! I can do the tea cups maybe twice in a trip. But, the lantern shot at the Tea Cups is one of my favorites. It is soooo pretty at night!

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