Magical Must Dos for Preschoolers at EPCOT

EPCOT can be just as exciting for the little ones in your family as the older kids and the adults.  EPCOT is broken down into two main areas-World Showcase and Future World.  Doesn’t every child dream of stores in far off lands and the future?  If so, then EPCOT is a must do when traveling with children to Walt Disney World.  So, today I am going to share with you the Magical Must Dos for Preschoolers at EPCOT.  Trust me, there are plenty of “must dos” for the little ones here!

EPCOT Must Dos for Preschoolers #epcot #disneytraveltips

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is one of our family’s favorites!    Our little one enjoys boarding the “clam mobile” and living out the Finding Nemo story while safely seated between mom and dad on this slow moving ride.    As we move along the Big Blue World, all of the favorite Nemo characters make an appearance.  What’s super cool, is as you get to the end, you see Nemo and his friends swimming along with real salt water fish in an aquarium!  Once you disembark the clam mobile, you’ll get to enjoy my next suggestion for preschoolers.

Turtle Talk with Crush comes right after The Seas with Nemo and Friends on my list of fun for preschoolers at EPCOT!  For 15 minutes, Crush will interact with and talk to your children in the audience!  He shares fun facts about sea life, and fields questions from your kiddos in the audience.  Each show is unique, and provides a fun interaction with the comical turtle from Finding Nemo.  We love this attraction because it allows us some rest from the heat, and is great if it is raining!

Must Dos for Preschoolers at EPCOT #disneytravel #epcottips

Journey into Imagination with Figment is also in Future World at EPCOT.  Once you exit the Seas with Nemo and Friends, this attraction is just a short walk directly across from the Seas.  Our family LOVES this attraciton-even the older two.  I love it because it’s slow moving, whimsical, and super cute.  Things my 4 year old loves!  Even though we are prepared for it, the smelly section of the ride gets us every time!

Spaceship Earth is the “big ball” that you see as soon as you walk into EPCOT park from the main entrance.  This is great for little ones for a lot of reasons.  First, it’s slow moving and relaxing.  It is a very nice, long break from the Florida heat-and again, and great way to escape an afternoon FL thunderstorm.  Spaceship Earth usually has a short wait, but if you need to use a Fastpass, you can use one on it.  After you exit, your kids can stretch their legs and get the wiggles out before getting back into the stroller.  There are interactive stations as you exit, leading you through some very futuristic and fun activities!

Living with the Land is the attraction my 4 year old wanted to ride over, and over, and over again last year at EPCOT.  We’d exit and she would want to get right back on.  It really is fascinating, and again is a nice relaxing ride-are you noticing a theme here at EPCOT?  Living with the Land shares the importance of growing crops, farming, and producing through agriculture.  We personally love the end, where you ride through the greenhouses.  Seeing vertically growing plants, somewhat exotic plants, and the imagination behind it is fascinating!

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is another great one for the littles.  Even though my daughter is too young to understand all the concepts behind saving money, this is still an adventure she really enjoyed!  Choosing her scenarios, putting her piggy bank in to collect coins, and moving from activity to activity kept her busy while we waited out a rainstorm.  It was great!

The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Cabelleros is located in the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase.  The Mexico Pavilion alone is a great place to visit with little ones.  They can get their passport stamped, explore the fun goods in the Mexican marketplace, and take a boat ride with Donald Duck and his friends.  My favorite part is passing the volcano, and seeing the guests enjoying San Angel Inn for dinner.

Must Dos for Preschoolers at EPCOT #disneytravel #epcottips

Meet characters all over World Showcase.  I think that EPCOT’s World Showcase is the perfect place to meet characters-especially Disney princesses.  Not to mention Donald Duck in his cute sombrero!  The princesses hang out in their home countries-we’ve even seen Beast with Belle in France. I also love seeing Mary Poppins and Alice in the United Kingdom.  Plus, in Future World, you have the EPCOT Character Spot.  The perfect place to meet the fab 5!

Enjoy Illuminations after a fun day in the park.  As a mom, one thing I LOVE about Illuminations is that it is at 9PM.  Some of the other night shows-like Wishes or Fantasmic-can take place at 10PM on select nights.  I love that we can enjoy Illuminations at a somewhat reasonable hour.   Plus, it has something for ALL the kids in our family.  The boys love the lasers and water show aspect, and Natalie is all about the fireworks.

Must Dos for Preschoolers at EPCOT #disneytravel #epcottips

Enjoy getting their passports stamped and the FREE crafts at some of the pavilions.  When traveling around the World, you need to get your passport stamped, right?  I like to create EPCOT passports for our kids.  If you don’t have one, no worries!  You can pick up a kit at any of the shops in World Showcase.  While the boys are solving the Agent P Adventure in World Showcase, I hang out with Natalie in the pavilion and help her with her passport or decorate her free Duffy Bear cut out.  Don’t get me wrong-the boys love the passport thing, too.  Sometimes there is a small craft and the interaction with the Cast Members from their home countries is so much fun!

One other tip, bring a stroller to EPCOT.  I always feel like I walk a lot more here than at other parks.  I feel like it’s more spread out, and a lot of concrete!  Have you visited EPCOT?   What attractions does your family enjoy?

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    1. Great! I am sure your little one will love Disney! Disney is fun for any age! Some of my favorite memories as a mom are when our daughter was two at Disney. She loved it, and I loved seeing all her reactions. Even if they don’t remember every part of it, you as the mom will!

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