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Mermaid Party Ideas

Are you ready to create a magical, mermaid birthday party for your favorite princess?  It’s time to transform your space and your party spread into a purple, teal, and ocean blue atmosphere with these fantastic Mermaid Party Ideas.  I have the best of the best Mermaid Party Ideas all here for you! I am ready to share these whimsical, magical party ideas with you!

I am so excited to share all these fantastic Mermaid Party Ideas with you today! We are in the midst of planning a 10th Birthday party for the princess, and her theme this year is mermaid!  I love all the purples, teals, and cheeriness of this theme, and I’ve put together some amazing ideas for you!

These are the best Mermaid Party Ideas!  #mermaidparty #birthdayparty #mermaids

Mermaid Party Snacks and Treats

Mermaid Blondies 

Mermaid Donuts

Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats

Seashell Graham Cracker Treats

DIY Mermaid Party Chocolates

Mermaid Birthday Cupcakes

Easy Mermaid Tail Cupcakes 

DIY Mermaid Birthday Cake

Clam Shell Cookies

Mermaid Cookie Cups

Starfish Sugar Cookies

Homemade Gluten Free & Vegan Goldfish

Magical Mermaid Lemonade

Mermaid Freakshake

Mermaid Party Sweets and Treats #mermaidparty #birthdayideas

Mermaid Party Decor and Party Favors

Mermaid Birthday Party Centerpieces

Easy Mermaid Party Backdrop

Be a Mermaid Candy Bar Wrapper Printable

Little Mermaid Party Favors; DIY Glitter Jars

Mermaid Party Favor Boxes

Mermaid Birthday Card Printable

Mermaid Party Favor Tags

Mermaid Popcorn and Favor Bags

Felt Mermaid Dolls

Mermaid & Pirate Party Decor

Magical Mermaid Slime

How to Make a Mermaid Crown

Beach Themed Printable Gift Tags

Mermaid Party Decor and Favors #mermaidparty #birthdayideas

Which of these is your favorite? I am LOVING the Mermaid Freakshakes, Mermaid Slime, and how pretty is that Mermaid Crown?!

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