Minnie Mouse Birthday Tutu

What is a birthday without a tutu?  And even better, a Minnie Mouse tutu!? This is probably one of my favorite tutus I’ve made our daughter.  I used some sparkly tulle, fun ribbon, and coordinating patterns to make sure it matched her birthday shirt I had ordered her.  I got her shirt from the Etsy Shop, A Stitch Upon a Star.  When it came, I knew right away what I wanted to do with her tutu. It was super easy, and the best part is you can customize the colors and make it exactly how you want! 



Minnie Mouse Tutu:


*Tulle {I used about 30 yards total} in coordinating colors




1.  Lay out a pair of pants that fit your child well.  Measure around the waist, add about 16 inches,  and this is the length of your ribbon that you will attach the tulle to.  Cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon to your necessary length.

2.  Cut your tulle into 15 inch long strips.

3.  Loosely tie the ribbon around a chair, or around your thigh.  Now you’re ready to start adding the tulle.  Layer the tulle however you want.  I did various layers, like pink/black/pink/white, etc.  I used about 7-8-10 pieces of tulle.

4.  Fold the layered tulle in half.  Next, where it is “halved”, slip it under the ribbon, take the “tails” of the tulle, and slide them through the hole.  You just made a slip know-pull it tight, but not too tight.

5.  Continue this for the rest of your tutu.  Fill in with some coordinating ribbon, using the same knotting technique.

This is our final birthday ensemble, all put together!



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