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Minnie Mouse Centerpieces

Creating these Minnie Mouse Centerpieces for my daughter’s 3rd birthday was so fun! I had an idea in my mind….and they ended up being nothing like it! I kind of like when that happens….when it turns out cute anyway. I had planned on doing some mini topiaries with small styrofoam balls, ribbon, and mini terra cotta pots. But, I wasn’t too keen on buying the ribbon {it would’ve taken quite a bit}, spray paint, and the pots. I already had the styrofoam balls, so I went to the craft store in search of something small and wood-almost crate like. But, nothing was catching my eye. That’s how these Minnie Mouse Centerpieces came to be!

So, off to Target I went to see if they had anything in the Dollar Spot, and low and behold…I saw these bright pink, black polka dot cardboard treat boxes. When I got closer to check them out, I discovered that on both sides there was a cute black Halloween cat. Darn. Not what I was expecting. Then, I remembered that I had some black vinyl at home….I’d just cover up those kitties with some Minnie Mouse heads! I headed to the counter with 7 of those little boxes and I was super excited to head home and get started.

Minnie Mouse Centerpieces
*Styrofoam balls
*Hot glue
*Tulle, Ribbon, etc.
*Small cardboard treat boxes
*Black Vinyl
*Square foam pieces {or playdough/clay, etc}
*Craft sticks
*Black spray paint
*Toothpicks, pins, etc.

1. Spray paint the craft sticks and styrofoam balls black. Let dry overnight.
2. Cut three circles out of black vinyl to make a Minnie head for the sides of your boxes.
3. Cut a piece of square foam to fit in the bottom of your treat box and hot glue it down. Or, you could use playdough or clay as well. This is to steady the Minnie Mouse head so it stands up.
4. Assemble your Minnie Mouse heads by connecting the two smaller styrofoam balls to the top right and top left sides of the larger styrofoam ball.

5. In the bottom of the Minnie head, insert the craft stick. Then, insert the other end into the foam or clay in the bottom of your treat box.
6. To cover the foam or clay, pin ribbon in “ruffle” pattern on the top of the foam. Fill in the sides and other empty spots with coordinating tulle.

7. Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon and tie it into a bow. Insert a pin into the middle of the bow and secure it to the middle of the Minnie head.
These were so simple and relatively inexpensive to make. My daughter absolutely loved them, too.


  1. So darn cute, almost wish my kids weren’t all grown up. Thanks for linking up to Worthy Wednesday!

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! Love Minnie Mouse!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! I can’t wait to see what you link up this evening!

  3. Cute, Carrie! So glad you entered the contest! Good luck!

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