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Minnie Mouse Oreo Treats

Minnie Mouse is all the rage in our house.  Not only are these an easy, fun party favor….but they could make a cute Valentine’s Day treat as well!  It’s always fun to bring a little Disney into your food, right? These Minnie Mouse Oreo Treats are easy, and can easily be customized to fit any decor or party!  

My original plan was to make Minnie Mouse pops using Oreos.  Yea, not working out.  I didn’t think to stick them into foam to dry {eliminating smudging of the chocolate they were dipped in} until it was too late.  And, even though I used Double Stuff Oreos, some of them were still breaking when I tried to put the stick in the cream.  So, we went stickless.  I got raving compliments on them, and they ended up being super easy.


How to Make Minnie Mouse Oreo Treats


*1 package Oreo cookies, or store brand sandwich cookies

*2 packages PINK Wilton chocolate melting discs

*2 packages Brown Wilton chocolate melting discs

*Edible embellishments {I used candy pearls}


1.  Lay out wax paper on your counter top.  Open the package of Oreos and pop them in the microwave for about 15 seconds.  This will soften them so they don’t break when you take them apart.

2.  Separate the cookies, making sure to sort the “tops” from the cream sides.

3.  Follow the directions on the Wilton PINK chocolate melting discs bag to melt the chocolate in the microwave.

4.  Give the melted chocolate a stir and begin dipping.  Take one of your Oreo cookie halves and dip it halfway into the melted chocolate.  Immediately put it back together with the “cream” half.  The melted chocolate will “seal” them back together.  Continue with this until you have all your Oreos dipped and put back together.

5.  Add a few pearls, sprinkles, or other embellishments before the pink hardens.  Leave these on the wax paper for a few hours until the dipped halves have hardened.


6.  Now you want to add your “ears”.  Melt some more pink chocolate.  Dip half of the brown chocolate discs in the pink and insert them into the top of the cookie so they look like Minnie ears.  Lay these on the wax paper to harden.


7.  When all the dipped parts of the Oreos have hardened, package them in cello bags and tie with a fun ribbon.  Your guests can take them home as party favors!  I also sent some to the sitter for my daughter to hand out to her friends for a birthday treat.


These were super easy, and didn’t really take that long.  I made them the day before the party, and they still turned out great.  These would make a fun Valentine’s Day treat, too!




  1. So adorable!!! So perfect for a little girl too. I love it all!!!

  2. The new lay out and platform look terrific. I am in a bit of a storm stupor just got my power back yesterday. So great to look at your recipes.

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