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Minnie Mouse Popcorn Box

Halloween is coming so soon!  And we like to have a little Disney mixed in with our Halloween excitement.  Pirates are a classic Halloween costume, right?  And, we like to “BOO” our neighbors with fun treats on their doorsteps so I am often looking for cute little treats and easy ideas to add to the “BOO” package.  This year, I created a Pirate Minnie Mouse popcorn box, AND I have so many other fantastic popcorn box ideas from my fellow blog friends.  It’s time for the 2017 Popcorn Box Blog Hop!  I am so super excited to be part of it again….it’s been a few years since I joined in with my BOO Wreath.  The Minnie Mouse Popcorn Box is super simple, fun, and can be stuffed with your favorite treats!

When my box of popcorn box goodies arrived from my sweet friend Laura Kelly, I was so super excited! It was filled with fun from World Market, Kunin Group, Oriental Trading, Udderly Smooth, Ellison/Sizzix, & Expressionery.  I knew my popcorn box needed some pixie dust. 

The red and white stripes of the popcorn box screamed “PIRATE” to me, so I went with that theme, and here is what came of it:

Minnie Mouse, Popcorn Box



Popcorn box

Black felt squuare

Red ribbon

Cardstock {black, white, etc}

Hot glue

Spray adhesive

Step 1: First, fold the popcorn box so it’s upright.  Cut 2-inch strips of felt and hot glue those around the box. I covered the “Popcorn” word on the box.

Step 2: Using a craft cutter, like a Silhouette Cameo, cut out 2 in by 2 in Minnie Mouse heads.  Next, cut out a pirate Minnie head {slightly smaller than the black one} from the white cardstock. Finally, cut out a Minnie bow and set these aside.

Step 3: Next, layer your cardstock so the black head is on the bottom, then the pirate head, and finally the bow. I used spray adhesive for the black and white, and then scrapbook squares for the bow.  

Step 4.  After your Minnie head is layered, it’s time to put it on the popcorn box!  To do so, I used spray adhesive. Be sure to JUST spray the back of the Minnie head, as spray adhesive will attract anything that it touches.  

Step 5: Last, hot glue the red ribbon on the black felt stripe.  Tie a bow, and you are done!

Finally, it’s time to stuff it with your favorite treats!

Popcorn, stamps, candy, even a pirate patch would be fun! These would be great for a Minnie Mouse birthday party, Halloween treats, and even to BOO the neighbors!

I am absolutely LOVING my pirate Minnie Mouse popcorn box!






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