Monogram Backpack Hooks

Monograms-next to ribbon, it’s gotta be one of my favorite ways to craft. Although, maybe it’s the teacher in me-you need to put your name on everything! Or, the fact that the twins are starting to identify their own things and not “share” so much anymore. These hooks make it easy to keep everything organized!

Whatever it is, it worked its way into these Monogram Backpack Hooks I made to get organized for Back to School. They hang in our hallway, across from the coat closet. These Monogram Backpack Hooks were super easy to make, and will hopefully last a few years!

These monogram backpack hooks are a great way to keep kids organized for school! #homeorganization #diy #backtoschool

Monogram Backpack Hooks:

*Unfinished wood plaque {I found mine at JoAnn’s}
*Acrylic paint {one dark and two light colors}
*Wood letters
*Hot glue
*Robe hooks

1. Distress the wood plaque by following the directions HERE.
2. While it’s drying, embellish your letters. I had planned on wrapping both in jute, but the “M” just wasn’t turning out like I’d hoped. So, I gave up and painted it black. The “L” was a little easier to wrap in jute. You could glitter, distress, or fabric wrap the letters. Anything goes!
3. Hot glue the letter to the center of the plaque.
4. Screw the robe hooks into the bottom center of the plaque. My husband used some longer, heavy duty screws that went through the robe hook, plaque, and into the wall.

Remember, you’re going to be hanging backpacks and coats on these. So, you want to make sure the screws will hold them on the wall very securely.

So far, so good! The boys come home from school, put their shoes on the shoe shelf {beside the backpack hooks}, and hang their bags and coats up. This keeps them ready for the next morning, off the floor, and out of the office {where they were living before}.

What’s your favorite “get organized” technique lately?


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