Nature Recipes and Crafts

It is spring!  So that means it is time to start creating something that is fresh, beautiful, and natural, right?  I have put together a collection of nature recipes and crafts just for you!  

As we walk into warmer days and spend more time outside, a lot of our focus turns to creating fresh and fun recipes and crafts. One of our Mother’s Day traditions is heading to the local garden store and choosing flowers for our flower beds. We also start to see more outdoor crafts and activities, and we love to see the cardinals and blue jays flying all around our home.  All of that makes it easy to bring nature recipes and crafts into our daily routine!

Nature themed crafts and recipes to get your family outside and enjoying time together.

There are SO many great ideas to get your family into the garden, having a little “me time” as you create a beautiful succulent creation, or even a tasty sweet treat.  You will find SO many great ideas below!


Worms in dirt?  My kids LOVE that dessert!  And how about those super cute succulents?  So many fabulous ideas.  Which ones will you be trying?

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