Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Outdoor entertaining is our favorite thing to do!  Today I am sharing some outdoor entertaining tips with you!

Outdoor entertaining is something we really look forward to.  We have a gorgeous patio and lots of space to host our family and friends!  Adding some of our favorite foods to the grill or smoker, starting a fire in the fire pit, and chatting are the activities we look forward to most in the summer!

Invest in some nice, high quality tools

Having high quality items you can use over and over again is key. This includes some durable dinner ware.  Something plastic, that you can use outside and wash again is ideal! We like to use colorful, but plain, dinner ware to keep it classic and simple.

Portable and easy to use cooking tools.  One of our favorites is the NOMADIQGrill. How darn cute is this little grill?  It’s totally portable.  You just unfold it, hook it up, and grill!  It’s super easy to manage ~ it weighs in at less than 12 lbs!  It can even be used inside as a table top grill!  Perfect for anywhere!  We are definitely using this when we camp this summer! It also cleans up REALLY nicely.  It’s a total win!

We like things personalized around here! So a custom serving tray is perfect! Serve your food or drinks in style! Handmade in Largo, FL, you can pick from a variety of designs and sizes as well as add a personalized engraving! Each engraving is burned deep into the board and made from architectural bamboo. They are finished off with a homemade Board Butter made from food-safe mineral oil and beeswax.  These are absolutely gorgeous, and would make a great house warming or wedding gift! 

Keep things organized and easy

Asking your guests to bring food items is key!  That allows them to bring something they know their family will eat.  I love when I am asked to bring something to a get together. That gives me the ability to bring something I know my kids will enjoy, and share something new with others!

Designate an area of your home to keep your outdoor entertaining supplies.  This can be a kitchen cabinet. a bin in the garage, etc.  Whatever works for you!  But keeping these handy is important and a huge time saver!

Invest in some nice furniture.  A nice patio table and some comfy chairs go a long way!

Have some games planned.  Kids love the huge outdoor games, like Connect Four or Ladder Ball.  Or, set up some corn hole or bad minton!  Keeping kids, and guests, active adds to the fun!

Does your family enjoy entertaining outdoors?  If so, tell us your best tips! 

Carrie Hurst

Married to my high school sweetheart, we are raising two pirates and a princess. A lifelong Disney fan, lover of good food, and all things creative, I hope you will join me in sharing joy and making memories everyday.


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