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Owl Always Love You Valentines

My daughter is blessed to go to an in home day care everyday, and has made some pretty cute friends!  I love making Valentines for her little friend at daycare, and I love it even more that she is old enough now to help!  I had found an owl file in a Silhouette Facebook group that I am in, and knew it would be perfect for Natalie’s Valentines.  This is the most layering I’ve done, and I loved it so much I made her a shirt to match!  And a bonus….I got to use my Silhouette Pen Holder again!  Score!

Owl Always Love You Valentines #valentinesday #diyvalentines


Anyway, I used some simple scrapbooking paper that I found on clearance at Michael’s, and of course my Silhouette Cameo.  I had to make them kind of big, since she is just learning to write her name and I wanted her to have plenty of space for those big letters!  The most important supply is a super cute 4 year old who LOVES to craft with her mama.  And of course, we shopped for the supplies together.

Owl Valentines 2

I’m going to attach them to a cellophane bag with Skittles in them, and tie them with some fun ribbon for her to give on Valentine’s Day!  I wouldn’t say this project is complicated, but at the same time, I am SO thankful we only had to make 4!  I think if she had a whole class of kids to make Valentine’s for, we might end up taking the easy way out and buying boxed ones from the store LOL!

Owl Valentines 1

But for this year, we created these Owl Always Love You Valentines for her little friends.  I am so thankful that I made them fairly big, so she had plenty of room to write her sweet little name in her adorable 4 year old handwriting!


12×12 Scrapbooking paper in the colors of your choice

Cutting Machine {or paper punches, stencils, prints of owls, etc.}

Glue Stick


1.  If you are using the Silhouette Studio software, set up your file to the size you desire.

2.  Begin cutting each piece of the owl individually.  I used a blade setting of 1 since I was cutting fairly thin paper.

3.  Using a glue stick, or adhesive of your choice, begin assembling the owls.

So, do you purchase boxed Valentines for your children to hand out, or do you make homemade ones?  Happy Valentine’s Day!





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