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Paddlefish at Disney Springs

Paddlefish at Disney Springs is a fantastic dining location. My first visit to Paddlefish, I was a tad apprehensive about eating at Paddlefish. Why?  Well, I am a Midwestern girl, and we don’t do seafood well in my part of the world.  That being said, I knew that Paddlefish at Disney Springs has been touted as one of the best Disney Springs restaurants, and I really wanted to try it.  Once the old Fulton’s Crab House, Paddlefish has made its way to the top of Disney Springs restaurants with its atmosphere, views, and menu. I am excited to share my thoughts with you today!

Paddlefish at Disney Springs was never on my “must do” list when visiting Walt Disney World. After all, I was of the mindset that if I was going to Walt Disney World, character dining was a must, and Disney Springs was something we could skip. I was quite wrong!

Having been to Disney Springs several times, I typically prefer to prioritize my time at Disney at my resort or in the theme parks. However, there is SO much dining to be found at Disney Springs. Paddlefish at Disney Springs is definitely on my list now!

Padldefish at Disney Springs is quite possible one of the most chic, yet family friendly, and delicious places to eat at Walt Disney World. #disneydining #disneysprings #paddlefish

Paddlefish Has an Amazing Atmosphere

As I walked up to Paddlefish, the outside of the restaurant definitely caught my eye. The stern wheel, brass railings, and even paddle-themed door handles welcomed me to what I knew was going to be a fantastic dining experience. One thing I really loved about Paddlefish was that it was huge.  There is not a bad view in the restaurant, looking over Disney Springs or the water. It is definitely a comfortable, welcoming place with plenty of tables and room to move.  I loved feeling like I had space while I was eating.

The atmosphere was very welcoming, and not stuffy. While Paddlefish does not have a dress code, and I felt comfortable in my park clothes, it would be a great place for a nicer meal while at Walt Disney World. Paddlefish makes a great splurge on your trip!

The Paddlefish Menu

As I mentioned, seafood is not always my favorite type of food. However, the menu at Paddlefish changed that!

If possible, visit the upper deck of the restaurant for a drink. Talk about views for days!!  It was just so relaxing and beautiful to look out over the water.  A quick step outside, and you can be in a gorgeous, open air seating area with comfortable couches and chairs.  It is really the perfect place to relax and have a drink.  In fact, our bartender greeted us with the Cucumber Sipper, which was fantastically refreshing in the middle of the afternoon!

We started our meal in this chic and elegant three story floating restaurant with Tableside Guacamole. There was quite a spread of amazing foods on the table, and the guac came first! Our chef served it alongside some house made tan seasoned tortilla chips.  So so good!  And, he topped it with fresh lobster.  It was delicious.

Following the Tableside Guacamole, we had so many fresh options. Lobster Rolls, Crab Cakes, Hazelnut Beef Skewers, Wedge Salad, Chicken Breast in Carolina Mop Sauce, and Crab Ceviche.  Of these, I tried the Lobster Rolls, Wedge Salad, Chicken Breast.  All of it was very good. I appreciated the variety, as I am not a super adventurous eater when it comes to seafood.

While I was enjoying my meal, I could not keep my eye off the desserts!  All of them were served in adorable mason jars.  Anything out of a mason jar is a win for me! Flourless Chocolate Cake, Key Lime Pie, and Strawberry Cheesecake. I tried the Strawberry Cheesecake. So good!

The food offerings were plentiful, and they were all fairly light.  I did not roll out of Paddlefish feeling overly stuffed…just comfortable and having enjoyed the food.  I think that has to also do with the atmosphere. It is relaxed, light, airy, yet elegant.

Why Dine at Paddlefish?

Would I recommend Paddlefish? Yes.  I think you need to have a broad palate, and while it is family friendly, I think that it is more an adult focused location.  I would not deter you from taking your children, but I think it makes for a nice evening out with friends for a relaxing meal and drinks.

The menu at Paddlefish is so vast, both for food and drinks.  Overall, I was very impressed and would not hesitate to eat there again. I also think that if you are looking for a lovely evening out, Paddlefish is the place to go. The spacious atmosphere, beautiful views, and relaxed menu make it a great way to spend some time outside the Disney theme parks. Not only was the food delicious, but the servers and staff were very welcoming and accommodating.

Have you dined at Paddlefish at Disney Springs?

Carrie Hurst

Not only do I love sharing all my vacation tips and ideas here on A Princess and Her Pirates, but I also work alongside families to create magical vacation memories year after year! Email me at carrie@destinationsinflorida.com to begin the planning process, and join hundreds of families on my current guest list.


  1. I have eaten at Paddle fish and the lobster rolls are out of this world! And I wish they would share their recipe for the crab ceviche! I could have had a second potion of it.

    1. Did you ask them to share the recipe? Sometimes they share them…you just have to ask!

  2. That Lobster Roll was the best I have ever had and I live on the East Coast!

  3. Tableside guacamole?? I’m sold!!! Great review! I want to go just for the views (and the guac!)

    1. Thanks! The guac was SO good, and the views were spectacular.

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