Park Hop Until You Drop Page Layout

Using adhesive vinyl in my scrapbooking was unknown territory for me until I saw how amazing my Silhouette Cameo can be.  Like most scrapbookers, I have spent my fair share of time wandering the scrapbook supply aisles at my favorite craft stores.  Or, to be honest, I have even succumbed to the digital scrapbook world and put together a few books on my favorite photo sites.  However, there is something special about creating those scrapbook pages by hand, and laying everything out in front of me as I work to create a page layout that I love.  Today, I am going to share how to use adhesive vinyl for scrapbooking, and my Park Hop Until You Drop page layout that I created.

Cutting your text out of vinyl for scrapbook pages opens up your creativity to a whole new level.  With thousands of fonts, free, at your fingertips, you can easily create custom layouts and text to match any theme.  Don’t you hate it when you work your way through a pack of letter stickers, only to find you are short a certain letter?  Or you have to change your plans and alternate colors the same font because you don’t have enough of one color?  

Adding adhesive vinyl into your page text takes care of both of those! You can choose virtually ANY font you want, customize the color with StyleTech vinyl, and before you know it….you have an amazing page in front of you! Our challenge this month with the  StyleTechCraft™ Design Team was to use the product of our choice in scrapbooking.  I’m excited to show you my Park Hop Until You Drop page layout.

Three years ago, my daughter and I embarked on what was to become the first of currently 3 mommy and me Disney trips.  It was amazing! As a frequent Disney traveler, I tend to make “bucket lists” for our next trip.  A new dining experience, seeing a character we have never seen…enjoying a new snack, etc.  On our first trip, I was a little ambitious, and decided we’d conquer all four Disney parks in one day.  Yes.  We are crazy.  I share all of our fun experiences HERE, if you want to check them out!

We were successful, and even though it was a whirlwind day, we do have so many fun memories that I wanted to capture in our scrapbook.  

First, I opened my Silhouette library and searched through my Disney file to see what images I could piece together to create some park icons into our layout.  I do this often ~ I piece together files to create a new cut file.  It’s so easy!

I chose a font that I loved, and set up the words “Park Hop ’til You Drop” on my design page.  Then, I chose “Select All”, and “Ungroup”.  This allows you to remove any unwanted images.  After I ungrouped the text, I removed the “A” and the “o”s so I could replace them with icons from the parks.  

Then, I went back into my library, and started pulling out images.  That means you open another file, ungroup it, and copy and paste the image you want from that into your current file.  This is how I got the EPCOT Spaceship Earth icon, the Minnie head, etc into my file.  

Next, I chose my background paper, and my vinyl colors.  StyleTechCraft™  has the BEST colors, and you are sure to find something!  I went with some blues, reds, and grays to complete my design.  After using the Transparent Glitter Vinyl last month, I knew I was using it again!  It cuts and weeds like a dream…and looks great on paper as well!

After your vinyl is cut, it’s time to work on the layout.  I like to spread my text out, and not make it too perfect.   I found that using transfer tape on paper worked out SO well, and made it so easy to add the custom words and images to my page.  

Next, I mounted my photos to some complimentary paper and mounted those to the page.  How cute is that?!  Don’t let the idea of cutting your own designs keep you from using vinyl on scrapbook layouts.  They turn out completely unique, and extra special since YOU put them together.

Now we have a fun, memorable page layout of our first “4-Parks 1-Day” adventure.  I can’t wait for the next one!

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