Peppermint Christmas Wreath

Creating this wreath can’t get much simpler!  I’ve so enjoyed creating wreaths for our front door this year, and I think this one is my {FAVORITE} of them all!

It looks so classy from the street, and really stands out against our dark colored door.  Plus, it was simple and easy to make!

Peppermint Christmas Wreath:


6 rolls of tulle {found in the wedding area of JoAnns}

1 foam wreath form

Accents, flowers, other embellishments

Hot glue


1.  Cut your tulle into about 12 inch strips.  Layer three pieces of tulle in a stack.

2.  Tie them around the wreath form, securing them with a knot and making sure the tulle ends are sticking out on the outer side of the wreath.

3.  Continue this all the way around the wreath.  I used silver, white, and red tulle.

4.  When your wreath is fully covered, trim the ends of the tulle so they are even.

5.  Add embellishments to the wreath with hot glue.  I used peppermints I found at JoAnn’s in the wreath/floral section.  They were attached to long wires, but I just snipped those off and hot glued the peppermint part to the wreath.

Love it!  It is so festive, isn’t it?  Stop by later this month to see my Top 5 Wreaths of 2012!

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