Personalized Baby Name Tile

I’m all about personalized gifts.  Whether it’s with a monogram or the name of the recipient, I love adding that personal touch.  And that means I usually get to use my Silhouette Cameo :).  So, when my sister had my sweet little niece, I knew that for a shower gift, I’d be making he something personal, and something that will remind her of how much God loves her. Piggybacking on my Family Tile, I came up with this Baby Name Tile for her.  It’s so unique, fairly easy, and personal.



12×12 tile

Oracal 651 Vinyl

Small display easel

Silhouette Cameo machine

Transfer paper


1.  On a scratch piece of paper, start brainstorming encouraging phrases, words, etc. that will work with the name you are using.  I came up with:  With His grace He blesses you.  In His hand he holds you.  Trust the Lord always.  Each day is new and He cares for You.  If you look closely, the first letters of the bold words spell my nice, WHITLEY’s, name.

2.    Since I was adding a 4×6 clear frame to the bottom left of my tile, I first added a 4×6 rectangle and placed it on my file.  That way, I knew that space was off limits and I could create my saying around that.

3.  Set up the text in your Silhouette Software.  I typed the saying and then chose my fonts.  I wanted the letters of her name to stand out,  and so I made those a different font from everything else.  If I could do it over again, I’d cut those in a different color of vinyl.  With this being my first attempt, I decided to play it easy and safe and use different fonts instead.

4.  Cut the vinyl and weed it.  Using transfer paper, line up the saying on your tile, and adhere it.

How easy is that?!  And, it’s a unique and personal gift that will serve as a reminder to my niece of how much God loves her and cares for her.


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