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Personalized Easter Baskets with Vinyl

Personalized Easter baskets are my favorite.thing.ever.  Love them!  I purposefully visit Target, the Dollar Tree, and other stores to find items that can be functional, unique, and personalized with vinyl.  My Silhouette Cameo never lets me down-and these Personalized Easter Baskets are the perfect project for beginning Silhouette and vinyl users.

Easter Baskets


Plastic storage bins {found mine at Target in the Kids Rooms section}

Oracal 351 Vinyl in various colors

Silhouette Cameo cutting machine

Transfer paper


1.  Measure the length and width of your container.  I usually subtract about an inch or so on each side because I don’t want the words to take up the WHOLE surface of the container.  I want to be able to center it.

2.  Set up a new file in your Silhouette Studio and choose the “Text” button on the left hand side.  Type the name.    After I type it, I size it to fit my bin and then I start playing with fonts. I don’t always know what font I want.  So, I highlight the words, and change the font until I have the perfect one.

3.  Place the vinyl on your mat, and load it into the machine.  Set the cut to Vinyl and send it to the machine.

4.  After you’ve cut it, weed the parts you don’t need.  Cover it with Transfer paper, and line it up on your bin.   Peel of the white backing.   Smooth it on the surface to stick and remove the transfer paper.  Your letters should be stuck to the plastic.

With so many free fonts all over Pinterest, creating a perfectly personalized Easter basket is super easy!  You just download the fonts to your computer.  The next time you open your Silhouette software, they will be in there ready to use.  Check out my Fashionable Fonts board on Pinterest for some great fonts to use, and my CC {Carrie’s Cameo} board as well!  You also might enjoy:

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