Photo Memory Monogram

Photo memories are my absolute favorite thing ever.  Going back through old photos of our kids makes my heart happy.  Now that the twins are teenagers, I find myself feeling a little more nostalgic about their childhood, and soaking up every moment I have with them.  Before we know it, they’ll be out of the house.

Photo Memory Monogram

Disney trips.

VBS crafts.

Birthday memories.

Workshops at the library.

Splashing in the spray park.

Their sweet faces, even though they are identical, their personalities certainly are not!  So, I wanted to capture their early years and create something to hang in our home.

I decided to take some of my favorite photos of their childhood, and create a Photo Memory Monogram to hang up in our house. I need to do this for the princess…as she is rapidly growing as well! But for now, I have one for each of the boys, and I love them.  The bonus, it was super, super simple to put together.  I only had to buy a few supplies, and even though it didn’t take me very long, I feel like it came out nicely.

Photo Memory Monogram Materials:

Large Paper Mache Letters-I found my “L” and “M” at JoAnn Fabrics
Mod Podge
Sponge bruses or paint brushes
Black and white printed photos
Clear coat matte finish spray

1.  Choose your favorite pictures and paste them into a word document.  When you have as many as you want, print them in regular black and white on good quality printer paper.  I simple scoured my pictures I had stored on my computer and placed them in a word document.  I had to downsize them a bit, but that was no problem.  Cut the pictures out.  Mine were cut out in perfect squares.

2.  Spread some newspaper on your work surface and pour some mod podge on a paper plate.  Lightly coat the area where you want to put your picture with mod podge.  Then, lightly coat the back of the picture.  Press it down, firmly in the center first, then if it hangs over the edge, seal the edges down, too. 

 3.  Continue step 3 until your whole letter is covered.  After it is covered, put a fairly thick coat of mod podge over the entire letter, evening it out with the brush.  You don’t want the mod podge bubbly and thick.

4.  Allow it to dry.  Then, take a good look at it.  See where you might need a few small slices of paper to cover up any part of the letter that is exposed.

5.  Spray your letter with a clear matte finish.  I found this in the painting section of JoAnns .

This is a great project for first time Mod Podge users.  This was honestly a very easy project.  For our home, we’ll hang it as part of a gallery wall, featuring pictures of each boy with his letter.   As a side note, I wouldn’t use pictures printed on regular photo paper because they are very thick.  I think that it would be slightly more difficult to work with.
Now I have my sweet boys with their baby faces to look back and remember those good times of childhood as I watch them grow into young men.  


    1. Thank you! I need to make one for my youngest, and then I will have them for all three kiddos!

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