Pizza Stuffed Green Peppers

Pizza is my weakness.  It is my favorite meal, and I can eat it multiple times a week if I let myself.  I absolutely love grilled pizza.  And, if I had my way, I would top a pizza with pepperoni and green peppers.  With summer here, we do have grilled pizza weekly.  But every once in awhile, I want the taste of pizza.  However, I don’t want the work that goes into making crust nor do I want the carbs.  That is where these Pizza Stuffed Green Peppers come in!  The flavors of pizza, the ease of a quick summer lunch, and a somewhat healthy way to enjoy my favorite food.  Enjoy!

First, the ingredients for this dish are SO easy.  You just need a green pepper, and your favorite pizza toppings.  To get started, slice the sides off the pepper, so all you have left is the core.  Lay these on a baking sheet.

Next, spread some sauce, and top with cheese and pepperoni.   Bake them at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese starts to get brown and bubbly.  Add some freshly chopped basil after taking them out of the oven.    We have this amazing basil plant growing in our garden, and this is the perfect dish for that!

I made mine in the toaster oven, and I bet you could even microwave them.  I am thinking they would be SO good on the grill, too!  Pizza stuffed anything is good with me.  But Pizza Stuffed Green Peppers makes me feel a lot better about what I am eating.  There are practically no carbs in this recipe, and you can make it any way you like!

Crispy, easy, bubbly, satisfying…and a lunch you can throw together and feel good about!  The possibilities for Pizza Stuffed Green Peppers are endless.  You totally need to try these this summer!

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