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Planning a Disney Vacation {Tips to Make it Easier}

Hi My Favorite Finds readers! Rachel from Architecture of a Mom here.

I’m posting something a little outside the norm for me here, but I think
you’re going to enjoy it!
Are you planning on going to Walt Disney World with your
family? I recently went to Walt Disney World with my family and my sister’s
family. Planning for Disney for 10 people is no joke…especially when 6 of them
are under 10. Here are some ideas to help you create the perfect trip!
You can save $$ by doing some things ahead of time.

There are so many ways to do your trip. Only you can make
the decisions that are right for your family! Regardless, there are many ways
to make your money go further in your trip to Disney World. Here are a few ways
to save money before you go to Disney:

  • Plan a couple of meals to be eaten where you are staying. It may be a crockpot meal, or it may be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit. It will save you some serious dough, and everyone will be well rested by having an evening away from the crowds. Oh, and pack some snacks!
  • Research what will work for you as far as accommodations. We stayed off property. VRBO is a great resource for finding a house or condo. Trust me, Orlando is overbuilt–you can find something cheaper than staying on property, even with dining deals. I know there is travel time to consider, but only you can decide if the convenience is worth not having space to spread out.
  • Hit the consignment stores, sales, and thrift shops. I didn’t have to do any extra shopping for my girls because I knew we were going to Disney before I hit the seasonal sales.I seriously could dress my eldest in disney tees for 2 weeks now, I think. But that’s ok, because those are some of her favorite shirts, and her sisters will be in that size very soon!
Build Anticipation.
There are so many ways to build anticipation. Here are a few projects that we did to help with anticipation, as well as get ready to go!
Custom Shirts: I made a “I Heart Mickey Shirt” that I loved so much! After
that, we made a plain Mickey silhouette shirt for each person that went. Yep,
we were all matchy-matchy in the Magic Kingdom, which was great, since it was
so easy to lose people there!

DIY Water Bottles: It is super important to stay hydrated at  the parks. We made Mickey water bottles for all the
kids with their initials on them using adhesive vinyl and dollar store bottles.
Super simple, but the kids loved it!
  • Make a countdown: We made a Cinderella Countdown. If you have a house full of
    boys, maybe a Lightning McQueen countdown is more appropriate. Or Mickey, or…well, the possibilities are pretty much endless!

Customized Accessories: I made these cute Minnie Mouse clips for my girls’ hair out of buttons. Talk about a big
hit. They love anything to do with Minnie.
minnie_hairbow (8)
Talk to people who have recently gone to Disney World. They will know what worked for them, and what didn’t. If you’re curious about what we found out about what worked for our family, you can check out my post:  Tips on Experiencing Disney World with Kids.  But I’m not going to lie to you. There are oodles of blog posts and entire blogs with pointers on travel to Disney. Use them. I used Preschool Ears a bunch before I went, as well as looked through some of Carrie’s pointers on Traveling to Disney. 
Whatever you do, however you decide to travel to Disney
World, remember one important thing: have fun!! Don’t let anything get you down—it’s
the happiest place on earth! Things won’t go as planned, but it will still be a trip that your whole family will talk about for years to come!

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