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Princess Jewelry Hook

Princess….I think that should be Natalie’s middle name.  I mean, really.  She has two older brothers, she is the only girl we have, and she loves anything and everything sparkly and shiny and girly.  I personally wouldn’t have it any other way!  So, for her birthday, we did a little room makeover.  We wanted it to be “princessy”, but not Disney princess.  You should all know by now that around the Hurst house, we love us some Disney travel, movies, music, and magic.  BUT, believe it or not, our house is not-nor will ever be-“Disney-fied”.  Including the kids’ rooms.    So, playing with the princess theme, I created this Princess Jewelry Hook so Princess Natalie can have her jewels within easy reach and they won’t get tangled in her jewelry box.

Princess Jewelry Hook #princessroom #littlegirldecor #silhouetteamerica


Rectangle piece of wood {I used an old sign we used to have in the kitchen}

Paint {I used DecoArt acrylic paint in bright pink and turquoise shades}


Hot glue


Silhouette Cameo cutting machine

Key hook


1.  Sand the wood and give it a nice coat of paint.  I painted pink as my first coat.  Allow this to dry thoroughly.

2.  Add the turquoise shade on top of the pink.  Allow to dry.  After it has dried, add another coat of pink and let it set for 2 days to make sure it is completely dry.

3.  Using the sandpaper, start distressing it.  This will sand off layers of the paint, giving it a distressed look.   For more details on distressing wood, visit my Distressed Wood Crate post.

4.  Hot glue the key hook to the bottom of the sign.  Then, measure the remaining space you have left.  This is where your text will go.

5.  On your Silhouette Software, set up the saying:  “I am a Princess-my Father is the King of Kings”.  Size it to fit the remaining space you have on your frame.  For my fonts, I used “Smarty Pants” and “Sofia” from my Fashionable Fonts Pinterest board.

6.  Cut and weed the vinyl.  Finally, apply it with transfer paper and you are done!

Now, Natalie has a super cute way to store her cute bubble necklaces and bracelets.  And her jewelry box is free for her bracelets and rings.

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  1. This is really cute! I don’t have any little girls but I have nieces that would love this.

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