Seven Reasons Your Family Will Love Universal’s Volcano Bay

Universal’s Volcano Bay is known as the third theme park on Universal property. It is home to thrill rides, lazy rivers, beautiful beach space, and some of the best food offerings in the Universal theme parks. If you are visiting Orlando during the summer months, a trip to Universal Orlando is not complete without a stop at Universal’s Volcano Bay! Your family will love Universal’s Volcano Bay!

Universal’s Volcano Bay is an imaginative water theme park, that is both vibrant and serene. Visiting Volcano Bay is like visiting a completely different tropical island-you never know you are smack in the middle of the Universal Orlando theme parks!

It’s perfect for families with children of all ages, and makes a relaxing respite from the Universal theme parks. Volcano Bay has a South Pacific vibe to it, offering guests resort level amenities, cabana rentals, and tons of family fun in the sun!

So why would your family love Universal’s Volcano Bay?

Universal’s Volcano Bay is Well Themed.

Your family will feel as if they have stepped into another world. Kids especially love it when they can step into another world and experience a change of scenery and senses. In the case of Volcano Bay, you walk into the Pacific isle of the fabled Waturi islanders. The feel of the park is that of a tropical resort. It is the kind of place where you can forget your worries and just surround yourself with fun.

You can Play While You Wait in Line.

Unique to Volcano Bay is the TapuTapu. Every guest receives one when they enter the park. With TapuTapu, you can hold your place in a ride’s virtual line experience while you go have fun throughout the park. It also can unlock your locker, engage interactive play areas, and more. All around Volcano Bay, you will find totems to scan your TapuTapu and save your place in line. It will notify you when it’s time to return to the attraction and board.

No Need to Carry Your Wallet or Your Phone at Volcano Bay.

Another magical asset to using TapuTapu is you can be “hands free” in the park. With Tapu Tapu, you can set up your account before arrival to link your tickets, add a credit card, and set up a pin to you can just tap for food, drinks, or souvenirs! You can even tap at a selfie station around the park to capture your photos!

Volcano Bay has Some of the BEST Food in the Universal Theme Parks.

Since you’re in a Pacific-isle themed resort, you’ll find island-inspired food! Some of Volcano Bay’s tasty tropical dishes include: Karika Chicken Sandwich, Jerked Mahi Sandwich, and Island Chicken Salad.  Plus, you’ll find an Icee Bar with various ICEE flavors! 

The Attractions at Volcano Bay are Actually Attractions.

Volcano Bay is more than just waterslides and a lazy river. Sometimes you can leave a water park feeling a bit underwhelmed, but not at Volcano Bay. There is something for everyone, whether it’s the person that wants to float in the winding river or the ultimate adrenaline junkie.  You can enjoy the giant pool, lazy rivers of different intensities, and an actual water coaster! There is an experience and level for everyone.

Volcano Bay is in a Great Location on Universal Property.

Both of Universal’s Aventura and Cabana Bay Beach Resort offer guests exclusive walking access to Volcano Bay! When you stay at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort towers, you’re pretty much staying inside Volcano Bay. The towers are located on the edge of the park. All hotel guests can walk to the park entrance. At Cabana Bay Beach Resort, you can even book a Volcano View room!

With the nearby proximity, this makes Volcano Bay easy to access-and easy to return to the resort to change and go to the theme parks in the evening!

Guests of All Ages Will Enjoy Volcano Bay.

This water theme park caters to guests of all ages. There is something to do for everyone, no matter what level of thrills you seek. You can relax on the beach and get a tan while reading a book, lounge under a tiki hut whilst sipping on a cool drink, or take on the Ko’okiri Body Plunge.

Has your family visited Universal’s Volcano Bay? If not, you need to! To visit this Universal theme park, you will need a 3-Park ticket! Add Volcano Bay to your “must do” list for your next Universal trip.

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