Shadowbox Craft Ideas

These shadowbox craft ideas will take your design skills to the next level! Shadowboxes have been around forever. Once used to display memorabilia, shadowboxes have become an easy and beautiful way to decorate a space. Shadowboxes can even be a personalized, meaningful gift! They are so easy to customize for a sweet personalized gift, to match your decor, or spruce up your space for the holidays!

Creating a shadowbox craft is SO easy. There are numerous shadowbox craft ideas, and it’s so fun to come up with your own!

Shadowboxes are one of my favorite blanks to craft with. While I do not use them often, I am always pleased with the result. Typically, I will create several of the same design, or a slight variation, to give as a gift. My Nativity Shadowboxes have now become one of my favorite DIY gifts, as well as something we place in our home with our Christmas decor every year.

Shadowboxes come in a variety of sizes, and are basically a glorified picture frame. They are also SO easy to work with, and make a fantastic blank surface when crafting with vinyl. I am excited to share a shadowbox craft with you in an upcoming post!

Below, I have over 10 Shadowbox Craft Ideas for you! From easy, to detailed, one of these is sure to give you some inspiration!

Shadowbox Ideas

Create personalized gifts and beautiful home decor with shadowboxes.

These Shadowbox Craft Ideas are gorgeous! Will you be creating a shadowbox for your home? Or to give as a personalized gift?

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