Shiny Snowflake Christmas Wreath

I must REALLY be in the snowflake mood this Christmas as far as decor is concerned.  I decided I wanted to keep my Christmas wreath easy, inexpensive, and fun all at the same time this year.  I took a quick trip to the Dollar Tree, and I came home with a box of shiny snowflakes, and some bright red garland.  I knew my wreath would be done in just under an hour, and ready to hang on the door for our Christmas decor.

Shiny Snowflake Christmas Wreath

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1 foam wreath form

4 lengths of shiny Christmas garland {these were 9 feet in length}

10 snowflakes {mine came in a 10 pack at the Dollar Tree

1 large snowflake

Small piece of ribbon

Hot glue



Secure one end of the garland to the foam wreath form with T-pins.  Continue to wrap and secure the garland around until the wreath form is covered.

Arrange the small snowflakes evenly around the garland.  Add a drop of hot glue to the center, and secure to the garland.

Hang a large snowflake in the center of the wreath.

Check out my other snowflake decor I made this year.  I’ll share my mantel with you soon!


Do you have a theme for your holiday decor?  Or do you just get into the Christmas spirit with all the Christmas decorations you can?



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