Simple Pumpkin Topiaries

Decorating with pumpkins and fall colors automatically changes the mood in our house. It sort of lays a sense of relief over our house as we know that fall means different sorts of outdoor fun, changing temperatures, and pumpkin recipes.I made some pumpkin topiaries as decorations for the favor table at a shower I hosted for my sister.  The theme was “Little Pumpkin”, and I had so much fun making, and now sharing with all of you, some of the decor.

Simple Pumpkin Topiaries
*Jute or twine
*Terra cotta flower pot
*Hot glue
*Artificial pumpkins and gourds

1.  Beginning at the bottom of your flower pot, secure an end of jute with hot glue.  Begin wrapping the jute all the way around the flower pot, pulling it tight every so often.  As you make your way while wrapping the pot, occasionally put a dot of hot glue to secure the jute.  Once you reach the top, cut it off and secure the end with a dot of hot glue.
2.  Stuff some excelsior in the flower pot, just so it comes to the top.

3.  Arrange your artificial pumpkins and gourds in a “tower”, starting with the largest one and ending with the smallest on top.  Between each pumpkin/gourd, put a dot of hot glue at the stem and place the next smallest size on the hot glue.
4.  Once your topiary is made, place it on the excelsior.  I added some hot glue to the bottom of the bottom pumpkin before placing it in the excelsior.  

Display them on a table, your mantel, or anywhere you want to add some fall fun.  



  1. Really cute. I like the jute-wrapped flower pot. It adds a great fall touch along with the pumpkins!

  2. I have some extra small pumpkins so I'll just get some larger ones and make a couple of these for my table Thanks for sharing! visiting thru Joy in the Jumble.

  3. Cuuuute! I love it! Thanks for sharing it at our Keep Calm & Link Up party! Hope to see you again in a couple of days for the next one!

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