Sourdough Recipes

Sourdough recipes are becoming very popular. With one starter of sourdough, you can make SO many things! Sourdough used to be a treat for me, as a sandwich bread at my local Panera.  I had no idea you could make so many thing with a sourdough starter!  

15 Sourdough Recipes to Try

A couple of weeks ago, I hopped on a Facebook Live in a group hosted by my blogger friend, Bert, who writes at Me, Before Mom. She was hosting another blogger friend of mine ~ my roommate from last year’s We Grow Retreat ~ Sarah.  Sarah has this amazing site ~ Savoring the Good ~ and her culinary creations are amazing!  She cooks and bakes all.day.long, and her site is full of awesomeness. 

While on that Facebook Live chat, Sarah shared her sourdough starter.  You can check out her Sourdough Starter recipe for yourself.

Almost instantly, I was on Pinterest, scouring for ideas with sourdough.  There.are.tons! So, I rounded up a whole bunch of them here for you!

15 Sourdough Recipes

I can’t wait to try the pretzels….and those English muffins?  Perfect for breakfast sandwiches! Have you made anything with sourdough?  I’d love to hear about it!  Sourdough recipes are a great way to stretch your ingredients and bake something fun!



  1. Priscilla says:

    I love all things sourdough and looking forward to trying out your recipes. Ya-hoo!

    1. same! I hope you find something here that you like!

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