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Split Stays at Walt Disney World

Split stays at Walt Disney World give your family the opportunity to enjoy multiple resorts during your trip! Find all the reasons why you should consider a split stay, and the best tips for making it happen, in this post!

There are so many Walt Disney World Resorts to choose from, each unique and magical in their own special way!  It can be SO hard to narrow down your choice of your “home” during your stay at Disney World. Then once you decide, you may decide you prefer a different resort, and make a switch.  But have you ever thought of doing a split stay at Walt Disney World?  I have personally experienced this option, and it was fantastic!  Today, I am going to share with you some tips for your next split stay at Walt Disney World!

Split Stays at Walt Disney World Resorts

Our first split stay was sort of a necessity.  We were gifted two nights at Caribbean Beach, and we wanted to stay in Orlando for 4 nights.  Since Caribbean Beach was not available for the latter two nights of our trip, we had to change resorts! So, we ended up staying at the Grand Floridian for the last two nights.  The second time, we booked a split stay on purpose. We stayed three nights at the Boardwalk Inn and 4 nights at the Polynesian! This was a fantastic way to split our time, and I would do it again!

What are the advantages to a split stay at Walt Disney World?

First, there are a couple scenarios when a split stay is advantageous.  One of these is if you are arriving late at night, and just need a room before your package begins for the rest of your stay.  This is where it is handy to pay a lower nightly rate at a value or moderate Disney resort, and then move to your resort that you booked for the remainder of your stay with your Magic Your Way Package.  A second scenario my personal favorite, and that is splitting your stay evenly, or almost evenly, amongst two resorts. I feel as if this works best when you are staying 5 nights or longer, so you really get the enjoyment out of each resort.  

When you are deciding on your split stay, keep in mind that you want to move up in resort categories, or at least make a lateral move.  For the beginning of your stay, you want to stay at either a Value Resort or a Moderate Resort.  And then, move to a moderate or deluxe for the remainder of your stay.  Why?  Because the amenities differ so vastly amongst the resorts, that you want to upgrade your stay for the latter part.  For example, I think you will be disappointed if you started at the Polynesian for 2 nights and then moved to All Star Sports for the remaining 3 of a 5-night stay.  Both great resorts, but yet both very different! At the very least, it’s a good idea to make a lateral move within the same tier.

If you choose to make a lateral move across resort categories, my suggestion is to consider changing room categories.  An example of this may be a Standard View room at Coronado Springs and then moving to a Royal Guest Room at Port Orleans Riverside.  Another example might be a Pool View at Pop Century and then to a family suite at Art of Animation.  

Is a split stay at Walt Disney World cost effective?

Splitting your time between Walt Disney World Resorts can be cost effective as well.  Yet, it still gives you the option to experience two resorts and lots of Disney magic!  If 6 nights at the Polynesian is not in your budget, price a stay with 2 or 3 nights at a value and the remaining 3 or 4 nights at the Polynesian.  

It can also be effective in terms of time. If you choose a resort on the Skyliner, or in the EPCOT area, you can easily visit both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios during your time there.  After you have done so, move to a monorail resort, and spend the rest of you days at Magic Kingdom.  This saves you money and time!

How does a split stay work?

Knowing the logistics of a split stay is important. On the morning of your move, simply take your baggage to Bell Services at your resort.  Tell them you are moving to your next resort, and they will tag your luggage for the move and set it aside.  Disney Cast Members deliver your items to your next resort!

Keep in mind, luggage transfers typically occur later in the afternoon.  Keep any necessary items with you in case you can’t access your luggage at your second resort.  

One lesson learned, somewhat the hard way, was to NOT make the day I changed resorts a day that I am either not visiting a park, or am planning a pool break.  When we moved from Caribbean Beach to the Grand Floridian, I did so on a day when we were doing Magic Kingdom and then going to do the pool for the remainder of the day.  I wasn’t able to access my luggage with our swimsuits until much later than I had planned, so it threw off my plans a bit.  Planning ahead and having important items with you makes the move much smoother.  

Enjoying two Walt Disney World Resorts during your trip is easy!  And, can give you some magical ways to enjoy more than one resort!  Which two resorts would you choose to split your stay?  

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