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Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

I recently visited the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party as part of a hosted event during my participation at the We Grow Retreat 2019.  All opinions are my own.

I absolutely love a Walt Disney World dessert party!  The Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party is no exception!  It seems as if anything with desserts, drinks, and a spectacular fireworks view would be worth it, right? Today, I am going to share my thoughts on the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party with you!

If there is a night show, Walt Disney World has a dessert party for it, and I am here for all the dessert parties! I have attended the Happily Ever After Dessert Party multiple times, and my daughter and I really enjoyed the FROZEN Dessert Party at EPCOT.  I can still say…..I haven’t met a dessert party at Disney that I didn’t love!

Even though the dessert parties come with a price tag, I think these are one of the better “splurges” at Walt Disney World.  With the addition of Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has really upped their game and their offerings in terms of Star Wars themed entertainment for guests, and the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party is not new to the park. However, I think it adds a lot of excitement and entertainment for the Star Wars Fans who want some food offerings, interaction with characters, and a fantastic view of the fireworks.

This event is held most nights, not all, in the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This is located in Animation Courtyard. For some, you may remember this space as a character meet and greet years ago, as well as home to the Animation Academy…please tell me I am NOT the only one who misses the Animation Academy!!  Anyway, that area of the park is now the Star Wars Launch Bay, and is home to the food and drink offerings for the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party.

Admission to the dessert party is not included in your park ticket.  It is currently $79 per guest. This includes desserts, savory food offerings, both non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, and VIP entrance to character meet and greets.  Also, guests receive a souvenir Darth Vader stein to take home!  So fun!

We had to report to the Launch Bay at 7:30, and check in for the party. We were given VIP Lanyards, which gave us access to the characters, as well as the food offerings and fireworks viewing area. While the Launch Bay was still open to regular park guests, we were seated at a table, and took part in the drinks and food offerings, while the Storm Troopers patrolled the area!  We also walked around and saw the artifacts, hit up the character meet and greets, and had some more food and drinks.  I did not find non-dessert party guests to be obtrusive to the meet and greets.  But, I was also there during non peak season, so I am not sure how it is handled during the more busy times of year.

All of the food offerings were plentiful, and there was a nice selection.  I felt like they kept the food trays full, as well as the drinks.  I liked it because you could make a small meal out of the offerings, and it wasn’t all just desserts.  We had the option of several cupcakes, my favorite being the Darth Vader peanut butter/chocolate option.  They also served Blue Milk Pana Cotta, and this delicious lemon cupcake with a blueberry meringue.  So good!  Amongst the savory options, there were marinated fresh mozzarella balls, flatbreads with various meats and cheeses, vegetables, and dips.  All of it was very good!

We also had the option of drinks, both non alcoholic and alcoholic.  For me, this is one of the bigger perks of this dessert party, and what sets it apart from the Happily Ever After Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom.  I am not a heavy drinker, but it is nice to have that option and not have to pay extra for it. Along with sodas and waters, they offered wines, beers, and specialty cocktails.  The Light Speed Margarita was my favorite!

While we were enjoying our food, we also had the opportunity to meet characters.  We met up with Chewbacca, as well as BB-8 in their respective meet and greet areas. Shortly before the fireworks began, we were escorted out of the Launch Bay to the viewing area. This is also when they passed out the Darth Vader steins. When I say fireworks view up close, we were literally right in front of the Chinese Theater.  They have roped off a viewing area there for dessert party guests, and we ended up in the front row.  It was spectacular!

This was my second time seeing the Star Wars fireworks show, and it is still just as amazing as the first time.  However, even though I had to stand for my first time viewing it, I felt as I if I had a better view from farther back. I am not complaining about the reserved area at all ~ to me that is a huge perk of a dessert party.  But, we were VERY close, and I found myself turning my head a lot to get the full view, since the projections span the entire area of the Chinese Theater. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic view and I would definitely do it again.

So the question remains, is it worth it?  As I mentioned, I have not met a dessert party that I didn’t feel was NOT worth the cost.  I really think this one stands out in terms of theming, experience, and food/drink offerings.  I think it makes a great experience for any Star Wars fan, especially if you are celebrating something special.

Which Walt Disney World dessert party do you love?



  1. I love this dessert party! It was so much fun plus there were a pretty decent amount of gluten free options!

    1. Yes! I felt like the food options were really good.

  2. I have always wanted to do a dessert party at Walt Disney World! This one looks just as delicious as I thought it would be!

    1. They are so fun. I thought the Happily Ever After one would be a one and done for me….but I think I’m spoiled now, and I love it! The FROZEN one was great, but we did it more for the experience than the view. I am not sure I’d do it again, unless it was a special occasion. And the SW one was great too! I think you need to just try one!

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