Subtle Patterned Letter with Mod Podge

Hi all! Rachel from Architecture of a Mom here with another frugal decor idea! And once again, I’m continuing to work on my letter wall, and I have to say that I’m most excited about this letter. I’m completely in love with the indigo color, and  this is a great and subtle way to add pattern to anything–and it’s super simple! Here’s what you need:



A wooden letter

flat craft paint

gloss mod podge


paint brushes


First, you need to paint your letter. It is very important that you select regular craft paint, with a flat finish. I did two coats, with my second coat’s brush strokes going perpindicular to my first coat.


Then, I selected my stencil. You can use any stencil, but I chose this new kind from Plaid/Mod Podge Rocks. The stencils in this line are generic geometric patterns, and they are self adhesive and are very flexible if you are working with a curved surface.


I pressed down pretty hard on the stencil to make sure I didn’t have any bleed-through.


And then I dabbed on the gloss Mod Podge.


Carefully remove your stencil while the Mod Podge is still wet.


If your letter is as large as mine was, you’ll have to wait until the Mod Podge is dry and then line up the stencil to create your repeat.


I just love how in low light the pattern almost vanishes, but in more light, as you move around the letter the reflection changes. It almost shimmers, but in a very subtle way. It’s going to look great with all the other letters that I’ve created to decorate my wall!



Thanks, Carrie for letting me share my monogram love with all your readers!

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