Summer Salad Recipes

An easy summer salad recipe is a must have! Summer salads are so fresh and delicious! I love grabbing a few fresh vegetables from the garden, or slicing up some gorgeously red strawberries to top off my lunch! I have put together SEVENTY Summer Salad Recipes for you!  There are so many gorgeous, tasty options right here!

Having a summer salad recipe that you LOVE is key to being happy with what you are eating! Working from home means I have to make my own lunch everyday.  Truth told, it’s not always super healthy….but it’s up to me to have healthy options, easy options, and creative options for my lunch. It’s not convenient for me to run out for lunch, and there are quite a few days when I just eat at my desk while I work! 


70 Summer Salad Recipes

70 Summer Salad Recipes

I love the fresh colors, tasty flavors, and ease of throwing together a salad for lunch.  We do grow a small garden in our yard, so hopping out to get a cucumber, a few peppers, etc is pretty easy! 

Do you like to share salad as a main dish for dinner? Or, why not throw together a quick summer salad?! 


With fresh produce on hand, a few simple toppings, and you will have a beautiful salad for a quick meal! Some of these are too pretty to eat!


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