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The BEST EPCOT Character Meet and Greets

Did you that some of the BEST character meet and greets at Walt Disney World are found at EPCOT? When people ask me why they should go to EPCOT, I make it a point to tell them that it is a fantastic place to meet characters!  So today, I am sharing the BEST Character Meet and Greets at EPCOT.

EPCOT….next to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT vies for the top spot on my list of favorite Disney Parks. Where else can you feel like a “world traveler” without leaving the United States?  Or experience what was once Walt Disney’s vision of the future? This is an amazing Walt Disney World park, and we find some of our favorite characters here.  In fact, we will even make a special trip to EPCOT multiple times on a trip to find some of the best characters, and to enjoy some of the most unique character interactions


Anna and Elsa.  When these famous sisters started visiting guests at Walt Disney World, they originally called Magic Kingdom home.  Not long after, they were moved to their own Sommerhus over in the Norway Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase.  And what an amazing place this is!  Have you stepped inside their Royal Sommerhus?  If not, you need to!  It is so super cute, and themed right after everything you love about FROZEN. It is tucked away, next to Akershus.  So this makes for an ultimate princess start to your day at EPCOT. While both sisters are in the same room, you meet them individually.  They are perfectly in character, and provide magical interactions. I have never felt rushed at this meet and greet, each one taking her sweet time with us.  I even FaceTimed my daughter with Elsa while I was at EPCOT for a work trip. So fun! And if you ask nicely, they may even pose together with you for a photo!

Joy and Sadness.  Joy and Sadness have joined the list of EPCOT characters recently at Innoventions West.  First, the queue for meeting them is so cute.  Envision the wall, floor to ceiling, with the memory balls from Inside Out.  Plus the waiting area is very spacious, and the queue moves quickly.  Not to mention it is inside…which gives you a huge break from the heat. When you arrive to see Joy and Sadness, they greet you right away with a smile and a frown :).  Sadness mopes around the meet and greet, giving you a sad face and signing your autograph book. Joy, she greets you with a huge hug and of course a big smile! They also take their time, which is nice because some character meet and greets you feel rushed. I also appreciate that you can meet this popular duo together, instead of waiting in a line separately for each one.  

Mulan.  Mulan is in the China Pavilion at EPCOT’s World Showcase.  Why Mulan?  Well, this is the only place she appears on Disney property.  So if you want to hit all the princesses, you need to make a trip back to World Showcase.  Which is so worth the visit, anyway!  She meets outside, in the gardens. If it is raining, they will bring her into the theater area, which is really nice. She is so kind, sweet, and meeting her rounds out the Disney princesses nicely. Her area is also very pretty in terms of having a nice background for photos.  Mulan is a meet and greet that would definitely draw us to World Showcase..as if there aren’t enough reasons?!

Belle.  While Belle can be found in various Disney parks, her meet and greet in France in World Showcase is amazing. One thing I love is that you can often find her in her blue dress and white apron street clothes costume.  Gorgeous! And, if you are really lucky, Beast will be with her. She alternates with Aurora in France, so seeing her does involve some timing.  She is true to character ~ soft spoken, kind, and ready to interact with her fans! If you want to see her in her yellow ball gown, then a meal at Akershus is in order, as she greets guests in her shimmering gown upon entering the Royal Banquet Hall. 

Mary Poppins.  Mary Poppins can be found in the United Kingdom Pavilion, in the area behind the tea shop. Mary Poppins is sort of hidden in World Showcase, but definitely worth finding! She greets in her white chalk painting dress and hat, and is just gorgeous.  This is a perfect backdrop for her meet and greet ~ as she likes to talk tea with guests. It is also not very crowded, as you have to know she is back there, so a lot of guests may not take the time to wander back to that area. As in true Mary Poppins fashion, her interaction with guests is spot on, and you walk away with a little extra pep in your step!

EPCOT is home to so many more characters, but I would venture to say these are the five best ones! I also think these are unique, for the most part, to EPCOT.  You can certainly see more of your favorite Disney princess friends, Mickey and the gang, as well as some newer favorites like Baymax and Venellope van Schweetz. Which character meet and greet at EPCOT is your favorite?  



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