The Best Quick Service Dining Locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios may not be the park guests think of when it comes to the “best” quick service dining at Walt Disney World. To be honest, it’s not my “favorite” when it comes to Quick Service on property. However, there are several Quick Service Dining Locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that I find myself returning to time and again. Today, I am going to share the best quick service dining locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with you!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is known for the two BEST themed areas in all of the Disney Parks-Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge. Both of these beautiful, on point themed areas of the park lure guests to Disney’s Hollywood Studios every day. The immersive theming and nostalgia of Disney’s Hollywood Studios work together to make it a magical theme park for all ages!

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When visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you are bound to be hungry. But who wants to stop and sit down, when you can find a Quick Service Location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and eat before moving to the next attraction?

Being a smaller park, the dining can be limited at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But before you hop on the Skyliner to EPCOT or the Boardwalk for food, check out these Quick Service Dining Locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

What are the Best Quick Service Locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Woody’s Lunchbox. One of my top favorite themed quick service restaurants in ALL of Walt Disney World is Woody’s Lunchbox. Woody’s Lunchbox is located in Toy Story Land, naturally. The highlights here are the Totchos and the BBQ Brisket. The food is great, but the theming really puts it over the top for me! As you are dining, you can watch Slinky Dog Dash careen along the track, and even catch the Army Men as they come out for their drumline performance at various times.

Woody’s Lunchbox also offers seasonal LunchBox Tarts on their menu. The Raspberry Tart is a standby. However, seasonally you may see a Lemon flavor in the summer, or a Pumpkin flavor in the fall. Keep in mind, that Woody’s Lunchbox has outdoor seating, and it can be crowded at peak times.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. This fun, Star Wars themed restaurant, Docking Bay 7 is located in Star Wars; Galaxy’s Edge. This is the main Quick Service restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge. To note, they offer more food options that are not “standard” theme park foods. Things such as braised beef and pork ribs, poke bowls, and some decent vegan options.

Best Quick Service Dining at Disney's Hollywood Studios #hollywoodstudios #disneydining #wdw #disneytips

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is a well themed restaurant, and a nice place to rest and get some food when it’s hot outside. It’s also centrally located in Galaxy’s Edge, so it’s easy to access without going too far out of your way.

Backlot Express. This quick service dining location is a classic-it’s been at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for years. Backlot Express has been our “go to” Quick Service Dining Location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on several trips. Backlot Express is located next to Star Tours. One thing that keeps us coming back is the basic theme park food. I know, often with quick service, basic theme park food is not on the agenda. However, when traveling to Disney’s Hollywood Studios with kids, sometimes you need the basics.

Best Quick Service Dining at Disney's Hollywood Studios #hollywoodstudios #disneydining #wdw #disneytips

Backlot Express has PLENTY of indoor seating. The theming of Backlot Express is super fun, with the various memorabilia and staging props as decor. While you are eating, it is fun to look at and talk about the props all around the restaurant.

PizzeRizzo. PizzeRizzo is located near Muppet Vision 3D. This large, indoor dining location, is great for families. It has a lot of seating, the food is good, and it’s on the way when you are entering or exiting Galaxy’s Edge.

As the name implies, the menu is basically all pizza. They do offer a meatball sub and an Antipasto Salad if you prefer that over pizza. Also, you will often find seasonal offerings here such as Frozen Apple Cider or a Halloween Candy Cookie in the fall. Even with the limited menu, it is a solid option if you have picky eaters, or just want pizza.

Overall Disney’s Hollywood Studios is not my “go to” for Quick Service. But, it’s not terrible either. There are several locations that meet your needs for a quick bite to eat. There are also snack kiosks, and obviously Table Service Dining locations. What are your favorite quick service dining locations at Walt Disney World?

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