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The BEST Quick Service Locations at EPCOT

What are the best Quick Service locations at EPCOT? EPCOT is home to the BEST dining in all of Walt Disney World-in my opinion. The World Showcase alone houses the majority of what many consider the best dining locations on Walt Disney World property. But which are the best quick service locations at EPCOT when you want to grab a quick meal or snack? I have a magical list of all of them for you!

It is no question that many, if not all, Disney Parks fans made a list of the best Disney Dining locations, the majority of those would be at EPCOT. Don’t get me wrong-all four theme parks have fantastic quick service locations, and the resorts as well!

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World Showcase, in particular, houses the most eclectic dining options on all of Walt Disney World property. Even though the festival booths and many table service locations stand out, there are some really great Quick Service locations at EPCOT.

Keep in mind, that there are only a few locations at EPCOT that actually have a FULL quick service menu. There are a few solid options, but overall, the quick service locations have a smaller menu than you will find at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Best Quick Service Locations at EPCOT

Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie. Les Halles is found in the France Pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase. This is a personal favorite of mine for breakfast. Not only is it one of the only locations open for breakfast in World Showcase at park opening, but it also has beautiful and delicious French creations.

Les Halles offers sweet and savory options. My personal favorites are the quiche, along with the Jambon Beurre. They also have various cheeses, breads, and beautiful sweets. Les Halles is definitely worth putting on your quick service list for EPCOT.

Sunshine Seasons. Sunshine Seasons is located in the Land Pavilion, on the lower level. This location offers something for everyone. It is set up in stations, each offering its own unique foods and side dishes. Personally, a side of mashed potatoes from Sunshine Seasons seems to be on my plate every single time!

To note, Sunshine Seasons has interesting hours. They serve breakfast and then lunch until 4PM. If you visit between 4PM-8PM, the menu is very limited to mostly snacks. So my advice is to plan lunch here. It is a GREAT place with ample seating to be out of the heat and rest during the heat of a Florida day.

Connections Cafe and Eatery. Where World Celebration meets World Showcase, you will find the Connections Cafe and Eatery. Connections is the newest dining location at EPCOT, and in my opinion, a great addition to the park. With so many amazing table service and festival food booths in World Showcase, this restaurant was a needed addition to the EPCOT quick service location list.

Connections Cafe and Eatery is what I would consider “safe”, or “normal” theme park food. If you have a picky eater who wants pizza and cheeseburgers, this is the place. While they are enjoying those foods, you can be enjoying something more eclectic, like a liege waffle or Grilled Chicken Bao. There is really something for everyone here!

Regal Eagle Smokehouse. Regal Eagle is located in the American Pavilion of EPCOT’s World Showcase. This American BBQ restaurant not only smells amazing, but the food tastes amazing. Very rarely will you find good BBQ in a theme park, and Regal Eagle has changed that for me!

Here you will find a variety of meats, smoked to perfection. Alongside of those, you can order some American comfort foods-macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, onion rings, baked beans, and more. Regal Eagle has a nice selection of craft beers, as well!

La Cantina de San Angel. We can’t make a list of the best quick service locations at EPCOT without a Mexican option! La Cantina not only has really great menu items, but the waterside seating makes it a beautiful dining location as well!

The menu here is pretty “basic” Mexican cantina. I personally like the Taco Trio, Arroz con Pollo Bowl, and the Tacos de Pollo. The food is filling, even though the portions seem a bit small.

These are the best quick service locations at EPCOT. Which quick service dining location do you love at EPCOT?

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