Three Tips for Traveling to Disney with Food Allergies

Traveling to Walt Disney World with food allergies can be unnerving for many guests, especially when you are traveling with children. It’s crazy what you have to think of as a food allergy parent. However, Walt Disney World is one of the most accommodating and helpful those traveling with food allergies.  Today I want to share with you Three Tips for Traveling to Disney with Food Allergies.

Traveling to Walt Disney World with Food Allergies

Picture this: You are going to Walt Disney World. The most amazing place ever! Lots of rides, characters, shows, and food all over the place. OH NO! Food… Lots of food, Cupcakes, Ice Cream, Dole Whips, Pretzels, and Popcorn, almost everything a food allergy child can’t have. Yes, this sounds easy enough. Just don’t give it to them. This is the common belief, but not always practical.

When traveling with children with food allergies, you have to think of things people don’t always think of. You must remember that someone could of eaten a Mickey Ice Cream Bar, had it all over their hands, then grabbed the lap bar on Winnie The Pooh, and now my family will be exposed to it, and you have to get out the epi-pen.

Traveling to Disney with Food Allergies Tip Number 1   

Remember the wipes. Have baby wipes or sanitizing wipes handy. Do you need to wipe down a ride before you get on? Absolutely not. But you can wipe hands as soon as you sit on a ride.

Wipe them when you sit on a ride, when you get off of a ride, when your child sits on a bench, after touching an elevator button, the list is endless. For some this sounds obsessive, but some parents who are traveling with children who have very severe nut, egg, and other allergies will be sure to do what they can to keep their child safe. It’s better to wipe their hands down and look like a germaphobic mother, than to have to pull out an epi-pen or Benadryl on my vacation.

Traveling to Disney with Food Allergies Tip Number 2

Every restaurant you go to in Disney World, including Quick Serve Restaurants, is beyond accommodating. Be sure to tell the waiter/waitress/cashier that you have a food allergy child. The Chef/Manager will then come out and speak to you about what your child can have on the menu.

Sometimes, you may be at a location where there is not one thing that your child could have on the menu. Nothing. This is when it is important to speak to the chef. The Chef will go back and forth to the kitchen, and with you, to create something your child or family member can safely enjoy. Now that is some service!

Traveling to Disney with Food Allergies Tip Number 3

Try not to obsess. While some of the above tips sounds a bit obsessive, you just want your family to be safe. Disney is very clean, they clean all the time, and you don’t have to worry about food particles being left in various places. They are very good about cleaning all of this up. Enjoy your time! We need to just step back and have a good time!

Walt Disney World is prepared to serve guests with allergies. This is evident from the menu options, to the chef speaking with you, to the allergy friendly treats at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Disney can feel as if it it is a vacation from your child’s food allergy. This is because Disney does the work for you, and will work alongside of you to ensure your family has a magical time! Food Allergy Parents use the tools that Disney gives you and take a vacation from the fear of food allergies!

Carrie Hurst

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