Tips for Decluttering Before the Holidays

Decluttering before the holidays is key to having a beautiful, Christmas ready home! Having a quick de-clutter session before bringing out your holiday decor is a major stress saver! 

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Today, I am excited to share some of my best tips to declutter before the holidays! This definitely sets you up for decorating and entertaining success!  As we enter the holiday season, we start to add to our “stuff”.  Whether it is that perfect gift for your kids, or those thoughtful cookies from your neighbor, more “stuff” makes it way into our homes over Christmas.  It’s not every day you have a giant tree in your living space, right?

Decluttering Before teh

Adding your Christmas decor to your every day life doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful!  

First, decide where your Christmas tree is going to go.  Do you need to move some furniture around? For us, we always put our tree in the corner of our living room. So that means our glider and footstool get moved to the master bedroom for the time being.  

Take a look at your shelves and display areas.  What can you donate or part with from those cute shelves in the living room?  Is your mantel cluttered?  Can you part with some of the knick knacks and make room for not only Christmas decor, but also revamp your decor after the holidays?

Purge the toys….all the toys.  This is a perfect time to take a look at the toybox and compare it to your child’s Christmas wish list. Is she swapping out her sweet baby dolls for American Girl dolls?  Or do you need all the NERF guns?  What about the LEGOS?  How can you organize or purge those so you are ready for more. Because….we all need more LEGOS!

If you find yourself in need of packing away and actually storing items, this would be a great time to support a local business and get some great supplies to keep your items safe.  Contact a local moving company, such as New Jersey Transport Inc Moving Company, to access the best packing supplies to keep your items safely stored away until after the New Year. 

Take a hard look at the kitchen. Do you still have your plastic patio tableware easily accessible, but you are now looking at an end to outdoor dining?  Store it where it is out of the way, and make room for your holiday serving ware or dishes. Do you need to get rid of those cups from all the sporting events you attended?  This is the time!  Also, check your inventory for aluminum foil, baking sheets, holiday sprinkles. What can you start picking up at the store, or make easily accessible to use for your Christmas baking?

Decluttering Before the Holiays

Is your living room ready for the coziness of the holidays?  This is likely going to be the most used room this time of year. Cuddling up to watch your favorite Hallmark movies, enjoying some cinnamon rolls and coffee while the kids open their gifts, and maybe even some extra special opportunities to have dinner in front of the tv or your favorite dessert together while watching holiday movies.  Clear off the end tables, coffee table, and get out your favorite holiday blankets and pillows.   

Is this the time to move out some of your well loved furniture? It’s common to move furniture around to accommodate Christmas decor, and sometimes, it is the perfect time to donate those old pieces and be on the lookout for something new.   If so, you’ll need to move it out of the house.  Using a local moving company, like New Jersey Transport Inc Moving Company, supports a small business AND moves your furniture safely so you can make room for the holiday festivities…and maybe even a nice, new piece of furniture after the holidays!

Perhaps you aren’t ready to part with some of your larger pieces of furniture, or you are clearing a larger area.  Decluttering before the holidays is the time to take advantage of a great storage unit, or a packing and crating service. Their New Jersey Packing and Crating Service provides useful supplies for packing your items just right, as well as safe and secure storage units.  

Don’t be afraid to declutter the actual Christmas decor!  This is something we try to be really faithful about.  What was on trend 20 years ago during our first Christmas may not be worth using now.  Did you splurge on a gorgeous new wreath last year during the end of season sales?  Now is the time to use it, and likely donate your previous one.  

Decluttering your home before Christmas will only lead you into the holidays stress free and ready to make memories! Decluttering before the holidays is time well spent, and we can all use less stress in our lives, right?  

What area of your home needs decluttered before it begins to look a lot like Christmas?

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