Tips for Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade

Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade takes place daily at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. This beautiful parade is a favorite of Walt Disney World guests. You can see all of your favorite characters! I am excited to share my favorite tips for Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade with you!

Festival of Fantasy is absolutely stunning. The beautiful floats, costumes, and music all work so well together to create a truly magical parade of your favorite Disney characters. I am sure you will be singing “It’s a Festival of Fantasy” all day long.

Tips for Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade

When and Where is Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade?

Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade is found in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park. It has been traveling through Magic Kingdom on an almost daily basis since 2014. Beginning in Frontierland, and making its way through Liberty Square, down Main Street USA, this daily event is not to be missed. The parade begins promptly at 3PM.

Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade lasts approximately 12 minutes.

Tips for Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade

Can I See Characters in Festival of Fantasy?

During Festival of Fantasy, you are treated to floats designed after the stories of your favorite characters. The Princess Garden Float, Tangled Float, Little Mermaid Float, Peter Pan Float, Brave, Sleeping Beauty, and Mickey and Minnie Floats all show off our favorite characters. The Sleeping Beauty Float is very impressive, with a fire breathing steam punk Malificient along the route, and an appearance by the three good fairies.

Alongside of these, guests can also enjoy beautifully costumed performers that dance along and sing with the float they represent.


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Where Should I Watch Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade?

Find a parade watching spot early. Getting a great location to see the parade is key to enjoying it. While we prefer to watch in Liberty Square, really the most ideal location is Main Street USA. With Cinderella’s Castle as the back drop, the parade looks amazing as it comes down Main Street USA toward the train station.

Getting a spot about 25 minutes before the parade begins is wise. You can use a Disney Genie+ selection to get a “reserved” spot for Festival of Fantasy. However, in my opinion this is not worth it. The MOST ideal is in Town Square, sort of diagonal across the street from the Confectionary. This is a picture perfect spot.

If you choose a viewing spot near the beginning in Frontierland, this puts you in position to move on to other attractions after it passes you by. You are in good proximity to Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Guests who watch near Main Street USA, will start seeing the parade 15-20 minutes after it has started.

For all the BEST details on the best parade viewing spots, this post will be helpful:

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How Can I Make the Most out of Viewing Festival of Fantasy?

Use the restroom, get a snack, and a drink while you wait. We like watching in Liberty Square, partially for this reason. There are several close snack kiosks right in the area. And, there are easily access restrooms in the secret walkway between Frontierland and Adventureland. You will be waiting for a bit, so be ready with some food and drink!

Mind your parade manners. Many families take time to get spot well before it starts. Please do not sneak your way up to the curb and stand in front of a child. Also, keep your children off your shoulders during the parade. This makes it hard for others to see, and takes away from the experience. Also, don’t ignore the white tape and roped areas. Cast Members need to ensure everyone is safe, and this is their way of doing so.

Be sure to use the floats as a nice photo backdrop! As the parade passes by, have your family stand and pose with the float as it passes by. This is a fun photo angle, and you’ll capture performers you won’t see elsewhere.

Will your family add Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade to your Magic Kingdom itinerary? I hope so! Everyone in your family will love it!

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